Pickle heaven…there really is one!!

I have a pickle addiction…we talked about addictions last week, remember?

I forgot about the pickles…

And today, in my cold infested, lazy ass, moping about the house just wanting to feel better mood…

I read the label on the pickle jar, cause I was just gonna have one. I always say that. And then I have two, or three.

And it made me think, no wonder I can’t get rid of the muffin top…that’s when it happened. I looked at the label, and then looked again, cause I was sure I was seeing things.


Really??? That is the best news I have heard since, um….lets say the beginning of the week when I found out…


And these Strub’s Kosher Dills are to absolutely DIE for!!  So I ate one more, they don’t go very good with ginger and green tea though, just saying. Though I have eaten them with weirder things…

OMG…I just thought of something, I am eating for Jen…hahahah, she is pregnant and I am gonna eat weird…sympathy pregnancy!! Sweet!!

Ok…cold meds are making me odder than usual. I should go have a nap. Tomorrow I will be better, the pickles will cure the cold and I will feel more normal, I am sure of it.

Now….I need my kid to go get me some ice cream….

Peace ♥ Out…


5 thoughts on “Pickle heaven…there really is one!!

  1. I love pickles too. I used to eat a whole jar of vlasic spears while watching tv when I was a teen. Now that I’m 35, fat, and have high blood pressure, I can’t do that. Not because of the calories, but because of the level of sodium found in pickles. Sucks.

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