Auntie material…OH YES I AM!!!

So here is the big news….that I have been dying to tell you, I am still so excited I can barely stand it!!!!








In case you haven’t got it…I am a little bit excited about this!! Now I am not going to say I have been waiting exactly FOREVER for this, but yes I have!!

I love my brother to pieces, and his lovely girl Jen…they are amazing together, and I am soooo happy for them!!

They seem to complete each other, and a baby…oh man!!!

Soooo coool :)

At Christmas I hinted at it at one point, and got a grin from Jen, right about the time I took THIS picture of her best friends little boy with the two of them… they are gonna be the best parents!!

I found out today, with a phone call from my Mom. She asked me if I had checked my email recently. I said “no, why?”  She said, “check it, right now” …and she had kind of a weird tone in her voice. I actually said to her, that she was scaring me. She told me  to check it…I would see soon enough. So into my email I go, and there is an email from my brother with just a ? as the subject.

I open it up and I find this:

This is a picture of our little baby :) Isn’t it the cutest thing EVER!!

So a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! to my baby brother and his lovely girl Jen…I wish I could hug you both so hard :)

What an amazing life, what an amazing week!! Every single day I feel more blessed and more grateful than the day before.

In a world that has seemingly gone crazy, I will take what I can get and embrace every second of it…

My heart is full, and I can’t stop smiling and crying…at the same time.

I don’t know how I got so lucky, for everything I have in my life…I really don’t…but I am truly blessed…and thankful, and happy, and I have butterflies in my tummy…

and did I mention…we are having a BABY???

Peace ♥ Out…


8 thoughts on “Auntie material…OH YES I AM!!!

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  2. Princess, I am so happy for you, and I feel your excitement! An Auntie – for the first time!!! Wow!
    My congrats to your brother and Jen, and to your mother of course who is going to be a Grandma – and I know you will be the best Auntie ever! Hugs to you all! x

  3. Woohoo! I’m so happy for you and your family. Sounds like everyone is thrilled about the upcoming event. Children bring extra bits of excitement to life. I agree with ClassyRose, you are going to be an excellent auntie! Congrats!! :D

  4. Congratulations Auntie Princess!!

    I gather this is the first for you. You sure sound excited and I know one niece/nephew who is going to get spoiled. ;-)

    I was only 8 years old when I first became an auntie but she never called me auntie. :-)

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