Road trip aborted…

Good morning everyone. I am feeling a little less miserable today, even though the cold hasn’t loosened it’s grip on me.

I promise there won’t be bitch slapping today.

Well so far.

Linda and Tracy (photo taken by Tracy)

I was supposed to head to Naniamo today, which is about an hour south of where I live, to go and have a screening and see if I was good to go to get my teeth cleaned at the Dental school. One of my lovely friends from work, Linda, has a daughter that is training to be a dental hygenist. They need guinea pigs, and I don’t have dental, it costs $30 to get them to do it. We had the appointment planned since January, and needless to say I am totally disappointed I  can’t go.  I would kill to get my teeth cleaned.


Linda and Brian (her lovely husband) are going to Mexico next week. And being in a car with me, for a total of three hours will ensure that I give them this plague to take with them. Now I am jealous they are going, absolutely, but I do NOT want to wreck their trip with the plague from hell.

Even though I made Colton go to school today. I felt kinda mean. He went of his own accord, and never asked if he could stay home, but I know he feels the same way as I do, and the last thing that I want to do is even get dressed at this point of the day. Though I will.

Once I finish about three more coffee.

And have a shower for about an hour.

And take some Buckley’s daytime.

On the bright side of things, the sun is shining, the wind and snow they warned us about yesterday never showed up.


It will do me good to take my silly little dog to the beach I think. Let him go for a run and get some fresh air into my sad and cloudy lungs. Maybe it will be a good Eagle day, and I can get some shots.

I haven’t turned on the TV yet today. I am scared it will send me on another rampage against the stupid people, so I am chosing to be cut off from the world. I was thinking this morning about Christmas time.

I went to my brothers house, he lives in Whitehorse, and for as long as I can remember with him, he has never had cablevision. He still doesn’t. When we were there, it seemed like another world. With no worries, no stress, no bullshit. You know that the world is still going on around you, but the crap isn’t reflecting off of your shield like it does when you have media. It drove my dad nuts not to have the news. He would sit at the radio and lap up anything he could find on CBC.

I found it kind of freeing.

Now I know that living in a world with no outside information isn’t really reality. But I am wondering if maybe having a limit to what you are exposed to isn’t a really good idea.

William also doesn’t have cable. So I never have any exposure to the outside world there, other than what I read on Facebook. The radio station I listen to there is all music, no news. So no exposure. The kids and I have been giving him a hard time about not having cable…and somedays I see him nearly giving in. But he is a procrastinator so none of us hold our breath…and you know what, maybe not having cable is a good thing.

At least I feel that way today, after the way it made me feel yesterday. There is so much insane stuff going on in the world right now, I think maybe you need to limit what you take in as much as you can. Or you get overloaded with all the negativity. The news hardly ever reports the good stuff. On any given night, the bad out weighs the good by about 90 %. And that is not an understatement. The media fuels the fire. And makes things worse.

Because if you really think about it, the blessings can always out weigh the negative. My heart truly goes out to the people in Christchurch that have so much to overcome right now. And to the people in Libya, and all the other people in the world that are in dire straights. Don’t get me wrong I am not downplaying any of it. But I truly believe that positive energy needs to be sent their way instead of all the negative.

Thoughts become things…if all we are seeing is the bad, all we put out is sad. It sucks the strength and the hope out of you.

I would rather see the good stuff, the people that are being saved, the good that so many are doing in a time of absolute devastation. There have to be more of those stories than not. We can’t change the fact that it happened, we can change the energy we send.

So my mission today is to be happy…even though I can’t breath properly, and won’t be able to get within 20 feet of anyone.

I am sending all the positive energy I can muster to those that need it, I have love and hope in my heart…I will smile at complete strangers for absolutely no reason, and do all I can to be a good person. I want to be that little ray of sunshine that is coming in through my window. To someone, to anyone today…just because I can.

Happy Thursday my friends…

Peace ♥ out


3 thoughts on “Road trip aborted…

  1. FEEL BETTER – If you are coughing, try Mucinex DM (Dextromethorphan HBr 20 mg with Guaifensin 400 mg). Works wonders.

    On postive thoughts – I agree. Some days it is best to just turn off the TV and meditate on the positive.

    I am on a savings high – I’m redecorating my son’s room and found a $35 gallon of paint for $10 on the clearance rack yesterday. Perfect shade of burgandy for his accent wall. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. So glad it did not work for the person who bought it the first time:) Hope they later found what they needed.

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