To the edge of crazy…

I am having a day, where there are things that are making me crazy. I must have PMS. You know it’s true, things just take you a little closer to the edge at that time of the month…here is what is making me crazy today.

1. When you buy something, and don’t get it all. I bought a new Robe, granted it was only $6. But there is no tie…piss me off, I am going back to the store today to see if they have it.

2. When someone subscribes or comments on your blog, and there is no link to theirs. Add a link to your site on your Gravatar people, how the hell are we going to find you otherwise?

3. When you have a really groovy secret…but you can’t tell….I won’t, but I want to….you will find out soon enough :)

4. People that take their totally misbehaving children to a small coffee shop, and let them run rampant at lunch time, then run around after them the whole time gently saying to the little brat, oh don’t do that…don’t do that. You are just as annoying as your child. Grab your balls and make the kid sit and behave or go home. You are wrecking lunch for the rest of us.

5. John Wayne Bobbit on the View…really? I am sorry that the guy got his penis cut off, but move on for god’s sake, the guy is a dumbass…I am not gonna say he deserved it….but…

6. And WHY do people think that Justin Biebers haircut is newsworthy. Holy crap people, the world is going crazy around us. There are other things you should be worried about, just saying.

7. The glass with no milk left in it, that sits by my microwave for days if I don’t put it in the dishwasher…drink and put glass away, how hard is that? Really?

8. My dog puking on the floor first thing in the morning…why can’t he wait til after I am totally awake to do that? So gross…

9. That I am not on a beach in Mexico or Portugal, or somewhere warm right now…I really should be.

10. That the sun is shining and my windows are dirty as hell, and I have absolutely no motivation to change the situation…at all.

So just to balance this out with some positive stuff…here are ten things I am loving right now…

1. That the Young and Restless is on twice a day. If I miss it the day before, I can watch it again in the morning. Yes, I need a life.

2. That I didn’t have to go to work this morning, feel like crap fighting this cold, glad I could sleep in.

3. Hot coffee…thank the Universe…really…

4. That I have a secret that I can’t tell…

5. It’s sunny outside.

6. I am making a sweater…really, first one ever…should be good for a laugh.

7. Laughing is good

8. That I have so much love in my life…

9. Coffee…did I say that already? Oh and bacon…no wonder I can’t get rid of my muffin top.

10. Blogging, it is such a great outlet, and I have made so many friends!!

Ok…vent over, thanks for reading :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends..

Peace ♥ out

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