New shoes and a great big Caesar …

Well my day only went odd after the first blog this morning….

Odd in a lot of good ways, which I am totally thankful for mind you.

Firstly, when you decide to get your income tax done early Monday morning in CR, expect it to smell. Like I mean old drunk man smell. I don’t know how those poor girls stand it in there. GAH…

And the only seat, was between a guy that I am sure was still drunk, and two stinky old men, seriously. Right in the middle.

Good thing I smelled good. Didn’t do much to cover it up mind you. I nearly went and told the girl I had other stuff to do and would come back when it had aired out a bit…but of course I didn’t. I decided to post that H&R Block was nasty on a Monday morning on Twitter…seriously not 10 seconds later, someone from H&R Block  replied, that they thought that pretty much went for anything. Too funny.

I don’t follow anyone from H&R block, nor do they follow me…I have no idea how twitter works apparently, no not apparently, really. I don’t get it. I am starting to get better at it, but I dunno. It kinda messes me up.

So after trying to do things on my phone and look busy, the stinky men finally left. The drunk guys old lady came out and off they went. The other two not far behind him. Then, all of a sudden, there was 3 kids…they are like magnets to each other I think. One came…and then two more. Of course one of them is snotty and germ ridden. The mother saying that she kept her daughter out of daycare today cause she was sick.

Nice, cause I want it.


I am sure the other mother was equally as thrilled as I was.

Finally I get called in the room…

My income tax is super straight forward, I forgot about 4 of my stupid bus pass reciepts, but there was nothing I could do at that point, so write it off. We get through all the paperwork. Total Refund……

HUGE!! It was about $1200 more than I really expected. YAY!!! I love that I pay so much in income tax :) would way rather get it back in February when I really need it!!

As I left the building smiling, and finally able to breathe, I notice…IT’S SNOWING OUT!!! God, enough already.

Oh well nothing is gonna bring me down now, I can buy new shoes for work!!

I was gonna wait, for the obvious reasons, but my shoes from two years ago are really bad, and just kill my back, so now…I am able to still feed the ravenous hungry little bastards my kids and buy shoes. What the hell, I even bought a totally cute pair of jeans for $15 and three new t-shirts, look at me step out of my comfort zone :) One day, I will wear something other than t-shirts I promise. Probably when I am about 90 and I am wearing my Purple Velour track suit…

Actually…this one looks pretty damn cozy doesn’t it??? Hmmm….

Hahahah…well it wouldn’t be any different than me wearing my pj’s for about… like… most of the time.

As soon as I get home in the afternoon, the clothes are off, jammies are on!! Life is too short not to be comfy.

But damn, I am going off track again.

So I finish my clothes shopping, and go to the grocery store to buy milk and butter, ya, $176.00 later. Didn’t I just spend that much on food? Yes…yes I did. Then I left town for three days.

My oldest son has been sick for the last five days or so, and has been a sloth in my basement, well today, there was two of them slothing. One of them isn’t mine.  I was losing patience this afternoon, first off, he called me when I was out, to see if I was maybe happening to bring home milk, that NO ONE told me we were out of yesterday. I said…hmmm…no. I will not be home to give you milk in the next ten minutes.


But no, I get home a couple of hours later, and the basement is a disaster, my kitchen, which was clean when I left, has a mess, and two huge bowls of dry cereal sitting on the counter, like $10 worth of cereal.

I was a little bitchy. Subtly…

I like the other kid, he is a good kid. I just don’t want to feed him, or clean up after him. Or for him to stay any longer at my house.

Just saying.

They finally left, after a few f bombs about how destroyed my basement was, and how it needed to be cleaned up BEFORE they left.

Sometimes it is good to be a bitch.

Seriously, it gets stuff done. Being nice to your kids is overrated, they hate you for SOMETHING no matter what you do, so I may as well have a clean damn house while they are here. And after this winter, I am pretty much past picking up after them and cleaning up their frickken shit that they leave lying everywhere. They have no concept of trying to sell a house, and the fact that if you clean as you GO, it is easier than trying to dig through a mountain of debris.

I was watching Desperate Housewives last night, and one of the women was trying to get her 20 year old twins to move out, she had realized that it was time, and she was tired of looking after them all the time, cause they never did anything around the house. They told her that they never did anything cause she wouldn’t let them…she always said it was easier to do it herself…

I was like…Oh My God…that is me.

What have I done?

Time to not just do….

Not sure how to do that without the fight that ensues, but I have to start I guess. My kids have always had chores and never got an allowance. I always give them what they need, and if they need money and I have it, they will get it. Mind you, I rarely have money, but my youngest child, somehow always has more money than God…so I don’t worry about him.

The older one…well.

He has a really good job now, which is good. But he will have some learning experiences I believe. He has a hole in his pocket. Totally opposite of the younger one.

Hopefully that gets better with experience :) He can cook, and do his own laundry…Now to teach him to do his taxes, drive, cause OMG the L has been years now, he needs to graduate up to the N and get driving. Seriously. He feels that way too I know. But first he has to buy a car, cause I can’t afford to insure my truck for him to drive. I am definitely not the person to teach him either. I am way too afraid to be the one to teach him to drive, see the Roadtrip #487 blog for my teenage driving adventures…

I just know I would yell too much. I own it, I am terrified. He needs lessons, from someone who isn’t.

So all in all, I know they will do well, if they live through the next few years…

Oh and the other groovy thing that happened to me today. I got my mortgage statement in the mail…this always strikes a cord of terror in me for some reason…but I was pleasantly surprised…I owe about 15,000 less on my house than I thought I did!! How freaking sweet is that? Pretty sweet, I am telling ya!!

I think I am going to have a Caesar to celebrate my lucky money day…and enjoy the next week off. I will consider it a bonus to get stuff done, I will get my last 1/2 cord of wood stacked up, already got my shoes…it’s all good baby!! Hell I might even start working out as of tomorrow morning!! Ya….that sounds like a plan. The weather is supposed to be beautiful for the next week too, I am going to get out walking my little dog everyday too if I can…

So off I go, to put on my purple velour track suit pajama’s and to make Tuna Tataki for dinner, with a big Caesar salad…

Life is good…I am once again a lucky and very happy girl :)

Peace ♥ out


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