Back to work…at last!!

Well my friends…not much to post about today, I just got back from Vancouver, got house cleaned up a bit, made something to eat, did some cleaning and laundry, and now I am taking a break.

Long trip back to the Island and I am back to work tomorrow at 9 AM…I am looking forward to it for sure!! It has been a long winter and I am ready to go!! So I will have something fun and interesting to talk about tomorrow, my trip was uneventful on the way home, it actually surprises me sometimes how unsociable I feel when I am travelling. I didn’t talk to anyone except a friend I saw on the ferry that I have known from here for ever…and we only talked for a few minutes…

I go into my little travel bubble and there I stay…

Maybe if I was going to Paris or something…I would be more social.

You know…knowing there is a glass of champagne or a margarita waiting at the other end with a hot beach on the end of it…

I will have to try it out and see if I am right…

Have a wonderful night my blogging friends….

Peace ♥ out


8 thoughts on “Back to work…at last!!

    • We have a program here called Employment insurance that you pay into as soon as you get a job. So because I am seasonal I get paid 60 % of my wage. It makes things tight for sure, and I am pretty sure this is my last year in a seasonal job :)

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