Williams 49th Birthday blog…in pictures

I am starting the birthday blog now, it might take me a while to get it done… I think I will do a gallery and just add the pics as the night goes on!! William is still at work, Hannah and I have been busy making his cake. He requested Angel food cake…so that is what we whipped up!! With frosting…yummy….

For dinner we went to the Keg, it is one of my favorite restaurants…I told him it wasn’t MY birthday but ok!! We had an amazing dinner, and William befriended a little girl that sat by him and gave him snuggles. It pretty much made his night, love at first snuggle.

We then came home and watched a movie, hence the sleeping pictures. I fell asleep too apparently, but there are no pictures to prove it, so it’s his word against mine.

Then came time to eat the really sweet and delicious cake. I put way too much icing on it, and it was amazing :) So all and all it was a good birthday day…for all of us!!! Happy day after birthday baby…you know there is gonna be a cake hangover by noon, as he had some for breakfast too…

Peace ♥ out


12 thoughts on “Williams 49th Birthday blog…in pictures

  1. Looks like a great party. I Love, Love, Love angel food cake. There is nothing better. I like mine with raspberries on top of it. Happy Birthday, William. You’re lucky to have such a great sweetie.

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