I see myself in Photoshop…

I love taking photographs….absolutely love it, it is one of those hobbies that blends in with all my other hobbies and makes them all more fun and interesting to me, it has come in handy being in the Mustang scene, I have taken many pictures of cars over the years, I have thousands of them I am sure…

I don’t have a specific photography style that I am partial to, scenery pictures are a given where I live, there is never ending beauty all around me. Flowers are another favorite…obviously gardening has a huge influence in my life.

And people….

It is a beautiful thing when you take a picture of someone and it brings out the true beauty you see in them. When you actually capture that. I have taken a few pictures like that.

my friend Shauna...I love this picture of her!!

Ones I am really proud of, some of them were unexpected, some I knew where going to be great as I took the picture.

I find most of the time, taking great pictures happen when no one is watching. I don’t like posed…I mean they can be awesome in the right situation. But in everyday life, I would rather my subjects not know I am taking pictures of them.

People never pose well…it goes against everything in you to stand there while someone fucks around with a camera trying to get the focus right, blah, blah, smile, say cheese….ya right.

That is why I always like being on the other side of the camera. I hate getting my picture taken. I can’t fake a smile, or pretend I am having fun.

Really?? Take another one...dare ya!!

I never had pictures of myself until recently. I usually am the one taking them. I feel more comfortable with myself being the photographer than someone else doing it, and I can delete the 56 that looked like shit, and keep the 2 that didn’t.

I like experimenting with the different angles of the camera, with the focus, with the lighting…the different effects you can get, blurring out the background, making a picture just a tiny bit out of focus, there are so many different takes on the same picture…

A lot of times when I get the picture to the computer, I am terrified with what I get. It’s funny that I can picture myself so differently than I really am. I still wanna be 25, with a tight butt, no cellulite and no muffin top in sight. In my mind I still am. That is terrifying in itself, for the general public.

Because I am not…even… close…

I am not saying I am not happy in my body. I am. There are a couple of things I could work on, but that happens with everyone doesn’t it?

So I find myself tricking you…

There are poses, looks, lighting…that can make it all better.

Pose for me??? Please....

What I really need is a real model, that I can tell what to do, I need to think about that one, for sure…but until then, I experiment on myself, it’s safer that way most days, no one but me knows what I delete, and that’s a good thing.

So if you know anyone that wants to be my model, young…old…willing? That is really the only prerequisite…oh, and I guess you would have to live close to me…

Give ’em my email…or better yet, hook them up to my blog…I just need onnneeee little guinea pig, and no one will have to see the bad stuff but us baby…. :)

Peace ♥ out


15 thoughts on “I see myself in Photoshop…

  1. Getting ready to get Photoshop – how long have you had it? Been reading reviews. Have had Dell computers all my life and just got a Mac so want to add the Photoshop there. I never like my pictures – usually takes me 300 shots before I pick one I can live with!
    Debbie :-)

    • I actually prefer Paint Shop Pro over Photoshop, I just find it way easier to work with… :) It just didn’t work in the title!! Heheheh… I have tried a few different editors, just seem to always come back to the Psp for some reason.

  2. Loathe having my photo taken…that old girl can’t possibly be me.
    I take my camera everywhere but very seldom take people.We sometimes have MOBS (meeting of bloggers) and I forget to take a single shot!

  3. I know what you mean! I am always kind of startled at how different I look through someone else’s eyes!
    I’d be your model (especially if you could make me look as beautiful as Johnny Depp!) but we live very far apart!

  4. You’ve had some great photos on your blog and I know what you mean about posed shots. The random casual ones always seem to turn out much nicer.

    It looks like you already have a ‘hunk’ to pose for you! :-)

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