Until again we meet…

I have loved you forever
since the day I was born
a love unending
and true

the laughter
the tears
the love
I miss


since you left us

I know you are here
there are constant signs
of that love
that will always
make me smile

I will hold on to it
always remembering
how you moved us
loved us
held us dear

It gets me through
the days
when I miss you the most

your touch
your smile
your wisdom

I know you are not gone
for you live in our hearts

in the sun
in the rain
in the air

I know when time comes
you will be waiting for me
with open arms
and a laugh
and that smile

love carries on
when our bodies won’t

I just wanted you to know
I miss you
I love you
and I think of you often
you will never be forgotten…

Peace ♥ Out…

10 thoughts on “Until again we meet…

  1. very beautiful words sweet poetry to
    its so lovely to remember your grandma as she loved you
    her memroies will live on her love will to
    shes knows you loved her and she will always be there
    she will want you to be happy and she will always be with you
    the happy times you had together will always be remembered too.

    from kevin.


  2. Hi Princess!

    You’ve written so beautiful it moves me to tears. And the picture is of a very loving family. But I’m afraid I don’t know if this is written for someone in particular or just as a general poem.

    Either way it’s moving. Thank you so much for sharing Princess.

    Love be with you always.

    – Papa Joe


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