In the Mist…

The morning mist
Rides gently along the water
That the inevitable
Is not far away
The time will come
It won’t be long
To move on
And let the day begin
To let the sunshine take over
Wash the fog away
and make everything clear
The lingering prevails
To remind us
That all comes with patience
And love
In the Universe
In yourself.

Peace ♥ Out…

10 thoughts on “In the Mist…

  1. Very poetic Princess. And as I’m reading through your posts backward as I catch up, I may read into this more than had I read it the day it was posted. It speaks of hope and I know that you have suffered loss.

    Let hope fill your heart where loss has left holes Princess. And if I can help, please let me. :)

    – Papa Joe


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