Things that make me smile, a photo blog…

So today I decided to do something different!! I have taken pictures of my day, and all day…I have just done things I love :) I am enjoying my last two weeks off work to the fullest…enjoy!!

19. My favorite artist of all time Keith Urban, played in my truck today as I drove around looking for the perfect photo op :) He really does sing to me, it’s not to Nicole at all…just saying…

and yes…I sing to it at the top of my lungs….people must think I am insane :)

Peace ♥ out


9 thoughts on “Things that make me smile, a photo blog…

  1. I think your post is fantastic, so original the way you did it. Now we know what your typical day looks like!
    And YES, Keith Urban is brilliant – but of course, he is an Aussie! ;-) lol!

  2. What a lovely insight into your life…thanks for sharing this with us.

    Glad to see the floor looks clean and shiny…no accidents with cats and pills then!

    As for the video link…sometimes I think I live on another planet cos I’ve never heard of Keith Urban. How could I have missed such a cute guy! (His music is pretty cool as well) Thanks for the intro!

    Juls x :-)

    • OMG….he is amazing, have loved him since he first came into the public eye, have seen him live and he is just amazing…I am a little in love, is it obvious? Have a great day…oh, and I haven’t got the damn pill IN the cat yet…that is tonights job….

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