Looking within…

Needing to set myself free

I take baby steps

I am really afraid

yet excited…

knowing my future is anything I

want it to be

and nothing less than

everything I need…

excitement, trepidation, joy

happiness, great love and

white light

the knowing

that everything will happen

when and as it should…

contentment is mine.

Peace ♥ Out…

14 thoughts on “Looking within…

  1. we look deep inside us for ispirition and truth
    we look deep inside us to help us to grow
    we look deep inside us to help through the day
    as we seek inner strength and guidance
    in our own special way
    to help us carry on and to make us strong too
    our inner strength helps to make us wiser too.

    another lovely poem well done.


  2. Nice poem, here is a short one I wrote long ago: Gentle Rain
    Gentle rain pattering down, calm me with your lullaby song, heal my wounds and ease my pains, cleanse my world, oh, gentle rain. Softly fall on a melancholy day, Gentle rain, take my troubles away.
    Your blog, “takes my troubles away.” Thank you, Jackie


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