Boredom is the Devil….add bacon

When I am bored and a little bit sad… I bake…and eat. Today was no exception. At first I was going to make these amazing sugar cookies that I just found the recipe for, and have already made once. My kid has been begging me to make them again since he ate all of the first batch.

Maybe tomorrow…

When I have more self control….then I thought hmmm…muffins would be good…again, I would eat 6.

before they were cooked...

So no…I ended up deciding on some savory cheese muffins. I changed the recipe a little bit, didn’t add the tomatoes, and added bacon instead and used my old faithful champagne glass to cut out the batter, I am way too lazy to clean a freaking muffin pan for no reason when I can throw out parchment paper instead. My ass is growing while I type. I haven’t even eaten one yet. I just put them in the oven. Above is the dough version of them…

Before I even got them out of the oven...vultures..

They smell delicious already, Colton will be home in 5 minutes and eat 5 of them anyways, so I will be saved by the teenager. Crap…Dylan just walked in…I probably won’t even get one now. It is the teenager diet at it’s finest.

I have had such a lazy week, I went to the shop twice, and really want to get back to work. For one thing these kids are driving me fucking insane, I have no outside influence going on in my life, I have no idea how stay at home Moms do it, I really don’t. I want to boil them up in my freaking soup. In the last two minutes, they have both opened the damn oven door once, what the hell? Ask me what is in there for christ’s sake. Where the hell is my wooden spoon?

It took me about two hours to get my wood stove going this morning, I have no idea why that took place, I have lit a fire everyday for the last two months, this morning it was like I have never lit one before in my life…it is finally going after more tries than I am going to count or tell you about.

I then decided to contort my body by doing yoga, luckily I found a beginner video and did that one, it went pretty good, will let you know tomorrow how deep of shit I am in for going back to work out of shape, that won’t last for long, I work hard, and the first two weeks are usually fairly brutal getting back into the heavy lifting,  my body protests harshly… every year I say I will excercise before I go back to work…every year I FAIL miserably…I suck.

It has taken me all day to type this damn blog, and the day has progressed around it…I am emotional, and have had every emotion there is to have at some point during the day, sometimes you just feel totally helpless about life and what goes on around you…I think it’s time to get a blankie and just snuggle up with my cat…and hope tomorrow is better…

It has been a very sad day today for many people I know, one of my friends husband has cancer, and there is nothing they can do to help him…it is so unfair, my heart breaks for her, there are just no words….

My Dad had his dog put down….I am so sad for them…he will be so sad, as will my Mom, he was part of our family, for a good long time…

So I am thinking I need to sign this off…I don’t feel any better for typing it like I thought I would.  Tomorrow is a new day, things might be a little brighter, sometimes life can be a little bit fucked up can’t it?

Peace ♥ out


6 thoughts on “Boredom is the Devil….add bacon

  1. Hi Princess.

    I’m sorry I wasn’t here to offer comfort when you needed it. By now I’m catching up working backwards through your blog and it sounds like you’ve already found some peace from this day. I hope so.

    Life isn’t always fair and it’s no excuse. I’m glad to know what I’d been hearing about in your future posts. But I’m sorry you had to go through this.

    Thanks for keeping such a positive attitude throughout everything. I appreciate your being here Princess.

    – Papa Joe

  2. I feel for you. What can you say when a dear friend’s husband has cancer except give them a warm hug. Sometimes words fail me and I ahve found silently hugging someone while they cry as their heart is breaking says it all.

  3. Hello my lovely.

    I can so hear the frustration and anger in your words…and yet, your lovely humour still shines through!

    It might not have felt like it helped to write at the time, although I hope that you are feeling better today now you’ve got it all off your chest.

    There is no easy way to cope with other people’s pain…on top of your own. We have just got to be as strong as we can…for them…and ourselves. And to be there for them.

    I love the fact that you have been baking for confort. Those muffins look yummy! Hope you managed to grab a few before the kids desended.

    Keep on keeping on…all is well.

    And thank you for making me smile through your tears (I hope you know what I mean?)

    Today is a other day :-)

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