Hard work, sunshine and flowers…

It is getting near the time….

When I go back to work.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I have a seasonal job in a Garden Centre. I love my job, it is probably the coolest job I have ever had. I mean really, what’s not to love about selling flowers to people, to hear their stories, when they come back after they have successfully grown something amazing or not so amazing!! It is awesome to learn from others, or to be able to share the info we have with them, you never stop learning when you garden.

When I first started the job there it was kind of surreal, one of those things that you know the Universe has planned for you just when you needed it the most.

Sultry Moon Gifts

I had just closed my own store down, after two years. I learned a lot during that time, but unfortunately…due to road construction having a huge impact on my sales, I made the decision to close the doors. It was a funky little store where I sold local artisans products on consignment, as well as really cool gift stuff. Soaps, jewelery, garden ornaments, wind chimes…well you get it. I also had a local Tarot card reader in the store once a week, and there was a wonderful Spanish Guitar player named Rodrigo…that gave guitar lessons. I loved my store. But like I said, they were doing highway construction along the highway that ran in front of the mall, it was supposed to be a noninvasive construction zone, and we would all be fine, people would come like they always had….not so much.

The pot holes in the road were so huge, people were breaking axles and wrecking their cars…and it was winter. It was a nightmare. I made the decision when I opened the store that I had a limit to how much of a loss I could take, I got to that point in January 2005. They were tearing down the mall I was in, and building a new one on the same site. The landlord informed me my rent would be going up double what it was. At that point I was barely paying the rent at the rate I had. I told him I wouldn’t be moving into the new mall. So at the end of January I made the descision to move on to the next project, I just had no idea what that would be.

It was a sunny day in February, I was in the coffee shop where my best friend Carrie-Anne was working at the time. I had a coffee and the paper, for some reason that day, I had decided to dress up. For me that just means no jeans and t-shirt, but I remember getting up and feeling like things were going to change that day. As I read the classified ads in the paper, I came across a job at the Campbell River Garden Centre as I read the ad, I started to get butterflies. I wanted this job.  It was for a cashier in the store, I had that down!!!

I kissed Carrie-Anne goodbye and flew home to get my already prepared resume. Off to the Garden Centre I went. I had never been there before. I didn’t actually even know it existed. I have always loved gardening, but see, I lived in Stories Beach, it was like living on a rock…so my gardening was limited to gardening in containers, it was a challenge to say the least.

When I walked in the store, the girl at the til gave me the once over :) I asked if the manager was in, she said she would call her. As I waited I looked around the store, totally nervous. The girl behind the counter checking me over didn’t help. I was totally intimidated already. Great……

My soon to be boss came down to the store (they live on the property) we had a great little chat and I gave her my resume.  I felt confidant that it went pretty well as I left the store and walked past the intimidator…

Shauna, Linda and Janis...the Garden Centre makes the baskets for April Point every year, its a good excuse for a girls night to go and check them out!!

A few days later I got a call, could I come back for another interview with both of the owners? I was so nervous and excited. I really wanted this job. We had a good interview, and I knew I would love working for them right away!!

So needless to say, I got the job!!

I have been working for them coming up 6 years now. I am happy to say the Intimidator (Janis) turned out to be one of my very good friends. We laugh inappropriately at probably all the wrong times…and she knows everything there is to know about gardening.  She and all of the staff that I work with have helped me learn so much over the time that I have been there. I am lucky to say that everyone I work with have become really great friends and I am so thankful that I have met each and every one of them.

It is amazing what you think you know, and then when you actually go into a business like this, you realize you know nothing.

There was a lot of times at the beginning, when I thought to myself, how the hell did I get this job, I have no clue what I am doing…thank god everyone is patient and helpful, and I have learned. I feel pretty confidant now, most days. I still have the odd day when I wonder why they keep me :) but they get fewer and far between.

So….I have two more weeks off, I work from February (usually the middle of) until the beginning of October. This year may be a little different, as

Janie, Wendy, Me and Linda

my house is for sale and I am planning on moving to Vancouver, but until then I will enjoy the time I have left, working in a fun environment, with people I love…

Somewhere in the next two weeks, I need to find my bloody motivation…it seems to be tucked in a drawer somewhere…..

off I go at 11:30 am for a shower…

I know for a fact…I will have blogging withdrawls, good thing I will be too busy to think about it until I get home at night :)

Peace ♥ out


12 thoughts on “Hard work, sunshine and flowers…

  1. Good luck Princess! Now I understand why in some of your later posts you’ve mentioned that you’ll have less blogging time. Works kinda strange when you’re going through things backwards. ;)

    – Papa Joe

  2. Hi RNP,
    You are SO lucky working in a garden centre. I adore gardening. I do not have green fingers I just love “trying” to grow things. Ha Ha one of my blogging buddies is knowldegeable about gardening…guess I will be picking your brains not only about soap but also about plants! :) Talking of which how is the soap coming along?

    • The soap is not really coming along, for some reason I seem to have lost my motivation. I am having a hell of a time getting the scent to stay in the soap…and I ran out of lye…it is expensive and you have to buy mass quantities of it, and I have so much soap laying around, I thought I should just wait on that a little. I need to figure out what I have here that actually turned out the way it should…I need to google more…

  3. You are lucky to have a job you love – not many people attain that! You already loved gardening anyway so this job was perfect for you and as you have been there 6 years, it looks like it worked out for everybody! Enjoy it while you can.

  4. Still makes me laugh that you thought I was intimidating! Thanks for the plug. I don’t know what we are going to do when you leave…who will keep everything organised?

    ps nobody knows everything about gardening, that’s what keeps it interesting!

    • Hehehehe…it is funny now that I know you :) cause you know how much I love ya….YW for the plug, and you have Wendy, she will take over everything just fine :) but thank you.

      PPS…you know more than most, was my point :)

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