If you are going to run a business…do NOT be a dumbass.

So I ordered a cord of wood from this guy named Jason last week. I am totally out of firewood, and it is supposed to get cold this upcoming week. We had it all organized, he was going to give me a call this morning at 10.

Ten goes by, no call. At 11, I call him, because it would be good to find out the plan for the day…no?

No answer, it goes to his voice mail, and I leave a nice message, saying who I am and that he was delivering wood to me today, and I wanted to touch base.

No call back, like ever. I called his number twice more…machine. It is now 5:30 pm.

I am pissed. I have an open house tomorrow and wanted a fire going to make basement warm and cozy, that isn’t gonna fucking happen now is it?

Never mind the fact that I could have found someone who really wanted my freaking money to deliver me the wood probably sooner than today.

I will never as long as I live, understand why people say they are going to do something and then don’t. It isn’t just the fact about the wood, I mean that is huge, but if you are going to have a business, DO IT. Give people good customer service, because if you don’t, you are gonna get a bad name. I will be sure to tell everyone I know, obviously, that this guy is totally unreliable.

Customer service is dead, I believe that more and more everyday. From the times I go into a huge box store (which I try not to do very often) and get absolutely NO service, to buying my kid boots in the local rental shop. Seriously is it really so hard to help someone out when they are looking for something, and you don’t have it or can’t get it?

Don’t they teach you that shit when they train you anymore? I have blogged about the chick at Roger’s before, that was texting on HER phone while helping me. That is NOT ok….I was not amused. I would get fired for that, I would expect to get fired for that….

Where I work, we go out of our way to help people get what they need and want. We will try hard  to get it for them, but if we can’t we will try our hardest to help them find it, even if it is somewhere else. And you know what, that is just being a good human being. It is called doing your job, earning your freaking paycheck. I don’t want to work somewhere if that isn’t the way they do business…and I sure as hell won’t shop there twice.

Word of mouth is a big thing, and these people and companies really need to remember that. We may be the little guy in this big world of corporate out for the buck bullshit world we live in, but when it comes right down to it…eventually people get sick of being ignored and treated like shit…and then what are they all gonna do?

It makes me sad to see the small businesses like the one I work at getting swallowed alive by the box stores.

I have always resolved to shop with the little guy when I can, and I absolutely do. Just like I want to help out the working guy selling wood….but dude, you have to have some respect for me and my time first…because unless you are dead, or something really bizarre took place, that you couldn’t even give me the courtesy of a two second phone call…you are NOT gonna be the one getting my $130. I will pay more, to get it from someone with some business sense and a little bit of common courtesy thanks….

thanks for listening…rant over :)

12 thoughts on “If you are going to run a business…do NOT be a dumbass.

  1. You had a nail and hit it on the head with this one!! I run a business and spend a lot of time on the phone and email randomly checking to make sure they are happy and verify there is nothing more I can do to help them!


  2. Sounds just like Eastern North Carolina folks. They will take out ads for services, then not call back to schedule an estimate until 3 months later, when the job has already been completed by someone else! Great strategy.


  3. oh my! he can surely count on not getting any of my business and my friends and co workers either once I got done ripping him a new one.

    Either this guy is not serious about his business, has another job/income, or is just plain stupid.


  4. I totally agree with you that customer service is dead, and for the life in me, I can’t understand why people in business (especially their own business) are like this; they should be falling over their feet to keep their customers happy! No wonder so many go out of business – and then they wonder why!


  5. I agree with you. Customer service has been going downhill for a few years now and that people will only do what they have to. Whatever happened to treating the customer as #1.

    On to brighter things, I love your new photo!! :-)


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