I just have no patience for your insubordination…

Well I am pretty sure that got your attention didn’t it?

Bunch of pervs….

I think you are going to be a little disappointed though, this isn’t about what you are thinking it is gonna be about…or is that just me? Maybe…

I don’t have a filter, this we know already.

Ok…so I really have no post for today. I heard someone use the insubordination line, I can’t even remember where or when or what it was pertaining to and I saved it as a title, mostly because it made me laugh, and I thought…hmmmm. One day I am sure I will be able to use that for something. So I guess today, it is just gonna cover my ass when I have nothing.

It totally isn’t like me to have nothing to say. But it has been a calm day for us, nothing much has gone down.

We (when I say we, I mean Bill) cut down my broken willow tree branch, so it won’t look like hell on Sunday when we have the open house. I scavenged around my yard a bit, and found enough wood to have a fire tonight. I am totally out of firewood until tomorrow when the guy brings me my load of fir…and I HATE not having a fire. My basement is cold. I love my wood stove :)

Oh and I made the best sugar cookies in the world yesterday. My family has been raging about how great they are since I made them, we are all ( and by all, I mean me) going to get fat. I will not make them again for a few weeks…cause if they are there, I will eat them. Not good….

I love cookies…

I got my new BlackBerry case today!! Bonus, as I ordered it on Ebay and wasn’t expecting it for at least another week. I am such a phone junkie. I have to have the accessories…it’s like shoes with some women I guess. I don’t possess the shoe fetish at all. I hate shoes. I wish I could be barefoot all the time.  I can justify the phone case, by saying, I start work in two weeks, and it will be getting dropped. That is the truth, cause I am a clutz…and my phone is new. Now it has a really cool case made by Body Glove that I got for about 20 bucks less than it is actually worth…nice.

I am rambling…I know, sorry. Sort of.

The lottery ticket has been drawn by now…just let me go check that, I could be a millionaire right now…I will get right back to you.

Ok…so ya, I won either a free ticket….which would be the second one in a row, or $20…I am on a freaking roll. Nice.

Better than nothing, not as good as 50 million. But hey, I usually don’t win anything, so I will take it.

I plan on getting rich just from driving my kids all over the damn town anyways. First off it was 10 bucks a trip…they sort of protested that. What the hell? Are they thick….of course the price went up to 15 bucks.

Dylan is in the most trouble, he owes me rent AND cab fare…he thinks I am kidding. I am not. He is paying up, or I won’t let him eat. I am way smarter then they are…kids these days….they just have no idea :)

Food rules everything…well I do, but food is my weapon of choice.

So actually maybe the title will fit the blog a little bit…

Ungrateful little heathens…

So on that note, I am outta here, I am gonna make roasted chicken sandwiches for me and my baby…and have a snuggle or two.

til tomorrow my friends…

peace ♥ out…

6 thoughts on “I just have no patience for your insubordination…

  1. Olá Miss Whiplash

    Oh well 20 dollars (just noticed not dollar sign on my keyboard)is better than nothing…a rollover is good.

    Was thinking about doing the Euro lottery as we have just learned we are going to have 2 grand children this year insead of one. My Goodnes they are so expensive!!


  2. Sorry to hear you didn’t win the big one! And for someone who started off with nothing to say, you sure did say a lot. Funny how these things happen when you think you have nothing to say. :-)


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