Misogyny (via I am a diva nerd)

this made my morning….a-fucking-men….

Let me say right now that, in light of the Sexist Pigs piece that I posted a few days ago, I'm probably going to get a kicking for this one. But I'm going to write and post it anyway, because it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to, ner-ner. Reader, for all of my feminist raging of late, I have to admit to a misogynistic streak the size of the San Andreas Fault. In fairness, I'm not sure that misogynistic is even the right word for it: I genuinel … Read More

via I am a diva nerd


4 thoughts on “Misogyny (via I am a diva nerd)

  1. Came on to read your post…clicked “read more” and suddenly I was somewhere else…how to confuse this old girl.
    It is an excellent post even if I don’t know anything about those particular women(this IS darkest Africa you know)

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