Butt f#*k nowhere…

It’s pretty there…but holy god. The boom is definitely over. I haven’t been to Gold River for about 26 years. Now I know why. I don’t mean to offend anyone that lives there, but man, I am glad it ain’t me.

It is a long drive, about an hour and a half, through the bush. There is nothing between Campbell River and Gold River…well nothing except clear cut and logging trucks, and that sucks when they are coming at you. We had one near jammer, where it looked like the load was going as the truck was tipping sideways…gah..

And maybe if I was to do it again I would go on a sunny day, not foggy and misty and yucky like it was today. But ya, no. Probably good for at least 26 more years, thanks.

Bill wanted to go to Sayward this week, I have talked him out of it :) cause really, you have seen one highway with trees, and a little town with not much of nothing… and you have seen ’em all. So I think our plan tomorrow is to do some electrical around my house, and maybe pull the huge branch of my Willow tree…we shall see. Oh and we haven’t made any soap yet….heheheheh…there is always something to do. And after making soap with me, Sayward might start looking good :)

Enjoy the pics…ttfn…

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