Why oh why…

Can I not subscribe to a damn blog when I am on my BlackBerry? Don’t they know I am going to find someone cool to follow at a random moment? Shouldn’t it be exactly the same to do on my phone as it is on the computer.

I need a career change, maybe I could learn to be a WordPress/BlackBerry program designer. I sure know what NOT to do…and who the hell do I even complain to? WordPress?? BlackBerry??? Both?? Will anyone even care??

All I want is my little dashboard on top of the page, really, is that too much to ask for?

I think not…

6 thoughts on “Why oh why…

  1. That’s why I dropped my Iphone for an android. a lot more options. Then I bought and Ipad which opened up to a whole new world of options. But at times neither will do what I want. Chaps my butt. lol

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