The Uneventful day…

I had a great day :) out of the house early to get a haircut…that is always a good thing, got some cute bangs :) I was bored and I am trying to grow my hair long, so the bangs get it!! Will post a pic tomorrow :)

Then I had coffee with a few of the girls I work with. We are definitely all ready to get back at it!! Winter has felt long, and it hasn’t even really started yet.

I then decided I should go grocery shopping for the brats, as I am going away for two days to Tofino with my man, and Colton just won’t eat if there is no food he likes. So pizza and taco’s it is… Oh and I will most likely not be posting while we are there, just saying.

Three days and two nights…with no kids. Just us.

I don’t actually even know if that has ever happened since we started seeing each other in July. See we have five kids between us. One girl, 11, and 4 boys well 5 if you count my stepson, but he is 29. Other kids are 15, 17, and two that are 19. They all live at home….

So you see my point.

No blogs….but I might put some beach pictures up, we are going to go for a beach walking day. Heheheeh…well right now that is the plan at least. Things could definitely change, and I won’t give you notice.

As I type there is a car accident in front of my house. My neighbors seem to have it under control. I can’t really see anything as I have a huge hedge blocking whatever happened. I just cannot be one of those people that goes out there and stands watching. There was an ambulance and a firetruck. I hope everyone is ok. Not even sure what they could have been doing to crash there…rear ender I think…I definitely heard the crash.

Car crashes suck…looks like everyone is ok…tow truck is there now…

Holy crap.

Drivers side of the Xterra…smoked. The driver is lucky if he got out of that without serious injury, and he or she must have, the ambulance left quietly.

So I am guessing the guy pulled out right in front of an oncoming car from the road beside me…bummer.

People have to pay more attention. But it can seriously happen soooo fast, and you just never see it coming…blah…

Ok, happier things…It was beautiful and sunny here today, a really good sign that spring is on it’s way…well at least it gives one hope that it will right? I love having the winter sun on my face!! I even took my broken favorite $6 sunglasses in and got the loose screw fixed, just in case I need them on my trip…

Ahhh….life is good.

I am thankful for all I have, and all the love I have in my life…

Cheers everyone, Hasta mañana….


8 thoughts on “The Uneventful day…

  1. Good Lord…with all those kids in the house you sure need a nice romantic break!
    You have a great time(don’t make any more)
    I can’t put in a smiley face because I don’t know how!!!

  2. I am glad everything is under control and going well. Time out of the house is golden for the wife and I and we only have two brats living under roof.

    Good luck on the beach…


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