Crazy Friday stuff….

Good morning :)

So far anyways…the day has begun in a bizarre way, welcome to me!!

First off, my recycling guys, that never come until about 4 in the afternoon…were driving down the road at 8 am…crap!!!! Thank god they were going the other way first, and I threw on my Sorels, and my lumberman’s jacket over my pajama’s ( not pretty ) as I was fresh out of bed and raced to get it out on the curb in the 4 inches of water and slush. I have about a months worth of recycling to get out, as I somehow missed it for the last two times, between forgetting one week and not being here the next time…not good. I always have a ton more recycling than garbage.

Anyways, it’s out. Oh and just now…the freaking plow went by AGAIN…there is NO SNOW on the road, I am not even kidding, they are plowing the fucking slush further into our driveways is absolutely all they are doing. So we shovel and figure it is done…because it hasn’t snowed since yesterday morning, in fact it has been 5 degrees and pouring rain, so seriously you guys, find something productive to do, cause I am losing my patience…

So while I was out in the slush in my jammies, I noticed that the snow on my windshield of my truck had rolled down…yes rolled. How in the hell does that even happen I wonder? It made me stop and go hmmm…

I just got off the phone with EI, there is an hour of my life I will never get back. I realized when I was doing my report this morning that I claimed when I shouldn’t have. I thought the week I was gone would be on this report…not…

I did the last report in the middle of Dec and never thought of the fact that being in Whitehorse made me fairly unavailable. I guess I did learn something at the meeting. I am definitely NOT taking the chance that if I leave it they will never find out. Totally not worth it to me. Cause every single time I have ever done anything remotely dishonest, I a) get caught or b) feel so guilty it eats me alive…it’s just not worth it to me. So I fixed it. But holy god, they do NOT make it easy to be honest. I had to call 5 yes 5 times to make it work. It disconnected me twice, went nowhere once, just went blank once..what the hell is that all about? Once I finally got through, I was on hold for at least a half an hour, and it took about 20 minutes to get it all fixed, holy crap.

And yesterdays soap adventure…well. I seriously have mixed feeling with how it turned out. It is my Hippie Chick soap, smells delicious, but the way it looks is slightly disturbing, I had no purple coloring so I just used pink, and sort of tried to marble it. It kinda looks like spam…or meat of some kind…ew…my best friend Nancy and I came up with some slightly obscene and uncalled for names. Can you really name a soap Vagina Soap? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE… I have no idea what the hell I am gonna do with it…maybe I need a second opinion, and I am just a freaky perv that has a dirty mind…but really…disturbed.

So a really fun thing that has happened already, yes, it is only 10 after 10…I tracked where my new BlackBerry is. It left Concord, Ontario @ 9:57 last night, and as we speak it is already in Naniamo. How the HELL does that happen. It is the other side of the country, and it gets here in 12 hours??? That is amazing to me. Well maybe the fact that it travelled all night is what amazes me. I just never thought of UPS being that efficient, I stand corrected.  But as we all know, it Canada Post is a little slow, it can take a whole week to get a letter to my Mom in Gibsons, which is only 6 hours away…and that is including the stupid ferries. The driving time is actually only about two hours all together. The math with the two deliveries just doesn’t add up does it?

So now I guess I better get it in the shower, I am leaving the house today, we have no milk and Colton is bringing his best buddy home after school, no milk is totally unacceptable, and I need more stuff to make soap. Some purple coloring is probably a good idea I am thinking. Don’t want a repeat of the Vagina soap now do we?

So happy Friday everyone…hope is it a great day for you all!! Ttfn…


10 thoughts on “Crazy Friday stuff….

    • thanks CR Yes I found her! She has certainly got a wicked sense of humour. I nearly fell of my chair laughing. I never realised that blogging could be such fun. We are certainly getting a great circle of bloggers. I keep adding them to my blog list!

      RNP have you thought about making a video with instructions on soap making? I set up something for PiP on Youtube. Not done anything for awhile…but if you wanted to you could make a slideshow of pictures and upload it. I made mine in easy peasy.

      • I actually took some pics making the batch I made last night, will upload once bars are cut :) and this batch does NOT look like meat, which is a total bonus!! There actually are some good video’s on youtube already. I am not a video maker myself :)

  1. Piglets being really wicked…don’t get to carried away with the shape of those moulds (molds?) you could get arested. hmmm moving swiftly on :)…there’s valentines day coming up. Does the soap smell nice as well? It would make a nice little valentines gift…and for mothers day, but change the shape :)

  2. “It kinda looks like spam…or meat of some kind….ew….my best friend Nancy and I came up with some slightly obscene and uncalled for names. Can you really name a soap Vagina Soap? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE”

    I have to confess until you told me it was soap I had my nose pressed to my PC screen for clues LOL := I thought you were blogging about SPAM….

    “Vagina Soap?” :) I am still laughing out loud! It’s a bit “life” like. I don’t know there may be a market in the local sex shop…the mind boggles

    Just joking!! I told you I had a wicked sense of humour.

    I don’t know why I’m laughing I have never tried to make soap so I am not qualified to comment. The hand made soap I bought was a browny green and I am sure it was smaller. Hey, tie some raffia string round it like a parcel and def hippy chic

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