The headache wins…

I have had this headache now on and off for about 4 days. Needless to say I am done with it.

My back is out…the chiropractor didn’t help.

Mind you, I hadn’t been to see him since June, so my bad I suppose. I have another appointment tomorrow.

So I have spent approximately the last day and a half in a useless drug induced state, the percocet didn’t even touch it (though I did have some good blog ideas as well as some fairly bizarre thoughts while on it, probably why you aren’t supposed to take it if it isn’t prescribed to you…it was for Colton when he got his wisdom teeth out) …nor did the Midol or acetaminophen…I am now on to Advil liquid-gels…here’s hoping….

I am hungry now, so that gives me hope, and I am pretty sure I have drank a whole reservoir of water today…

but post wise…this is all I can do…so til tomorrow, when I WILL wake up with no headache….ttfn.


11 thoughts on “The headache wins…

  1. Ugh, feel better.

    If I don’t get to my massage therapist once a month, I get neck pain that will eventually move up over my skull and into my eyes (these are not nice spa-massages, these are beat the crap out of me massages. She does do my feet, tho!).

  2. I’m sorry about your headache! I have an ache at the other end, having walked into something whilst staggering to the loo in the middle of the night – who knew a broken toe could hurt so much! I’m telling everyone it’s a surfing injury from Maui ;)

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