An Ode to little brothers…

First let me say, that I know my brother is going to say, “Oh my god…she isn’t talking about me on there, is she?” when it is brought to his attention that I have posted about him on my blog. Oh well…too bad.  Everyone is fair game to me, my Dad is next, and I am saving my Mom for last, because she is the funniest of all, I will see if I can make her pee her pants laughing, it can be done…

But first in line of fire, my little brother Jimmy.

I love him to bits…I always have, since he was a tiny little baby…apparently he didn’t talk until he was about 4, because I did it for him. Nevermind…

He grunted, and I was the only one that knew what he wanted…so I am told. Apparently it was good training for later in life, when men expect us to read their minds, I usually can. Not necessarily a good thing, just saying.

So back to the story…my brother has always awed me, from when he was 7, and one day just decided to pick up a guitar and start playing it. Really. He can hear something, and make the same sound come out of the guitar, or drums, or bass…you pick, he can play it. That absolutely amazes me. I can’t play anything.  I love music…totally couldn’t imagine life without it, but he makes it. It is a huge part of his life, I really admire that in him.

I could never really figure out what drew him up to Whitehorse, well not to live anyways, until this Christmas when we all went up for the holidays. Now I think I get it a little bit better. I think at first maybe I felt a little deserted, him going and leaving us down here without him, my stuff totally, but how I felt at the time nonetheless…but since going there, I see what made him stay.  It is an amazing place. Granted in the middle of ass crack nowhere, but oh my god, the beauty of the world, and it is like being somewhere totally different than anywhere I have been before.

And we are different that way. I mean we are different in a hundred thousand ways…we really are.  I am loud, he is quiet.  He is more the thinker, he ponders stuff and weighs it out before he does it, I run headlong in. He is braver than me, my oldest son has that quality as well, they are alot alike, I could go on…but I won’t, you get the idea, and if you know me, it is easy to figure out.

Our relationships have been the same though, neither of us has ever really settled down with the same person for long. I am not sure what that is about, since our parents have been married forever, and I am pretty sure it has been happily for most of the time…he has had some amazing girlfriends, some of which I am still friends with today. I don’t think he is friends with any of my ex’s, thank goodness…I would like to keep that the way it is :)

Enter the lovely Jenny…I am keeping her, and he better too. I have never seen him so in love with someone, and she is adorable. She has fit into our family like she was made for us…if Jimmy doesn’t marry her, I believe my youngest son Colton might…she is in his definition… “a keeper”.

They have made themselves an amazing home in Whitehorse, one that I am so thankful to say I feel welcome in whenever I feel the urge to go and visit them again.  I am thinking my next visit will be in the summer, maybe the one coming up, Bill wants to drive up there and photograph our trip.  I was leary about that at first, but the more I think about it the more I think it would be a great adventure that we should seriously consider doing!!

So on this sunny Sunday, I just wanted to say, that I am so lucky to have the family I have, and a brother that I admire and love with all of my heart, even though he won’t let me hold him in my arms sideways on the couch anymore…which is probably a good thing considering his size and my clumsiness…he would get dropped on his head for sure. I am pretty sure I never did that to him as a child, that is my story and you will never get any different out of me…

And I want to really welcome Jenny into our family, I hope she is ready to be stuck with our shenanigans for the rest of time…and be loved like she is one of us. Our family is small but we are pretty much inseparable and no matter what goes on, we love each other more than anything…doesn’t get any better than that, does it?




7 thoughts on “An Ode to little brothers…

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  2. I would keep the ex’s away too! I have a little brother and I love him but growing up, I was always blamed for things he did!

    I really enjoy reading your posts, your brother is just going to have to suffer through them! :-)

  3. Hi RNP (sorry really need to shorten your name in the interest of my dyslexic fingers)

    You are SOOOOOOOO lucky to have a brother. I have a sister who came along when I was 7yrs old. My waist length hair was cut off like a boys so “mum” did not have to be bothered…and from then on she took centre stage. She called the tune and one little tell tale from her and I was in the pooh. did we get on NO!
    You are so lucky to have your brother hmmm I am even repeating myself now!

    look forward to tomorrows post

    • Well PIP..heheheh…our relationship has not always been perfect. He was a little shit when we were growing up…and I always tease that he was the favorite. It was mostly because I did all the stupid stuff first, so it made him smarter, lol….

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