Where have all the Shrink-to-fit Levi’s gone?

Remember them?? I do. Fondly.  I had a pair that I wore until there was an unreasonable hole in the ass, and my boyfriend at the time recommended that I retire them…even then, I kept them secretly in my closet for a long time before I threw them away.

I thought about them this morning, as I was struggling to get my ass into yet another pair of jeans with spandex in them that I hate. They always fit great for the first 4 washes after you buy them, then it is all just downhill. I KNOW, they say don’t throw them in the dryer. You must be kidding me…like I have time to separate my jeans from the rest of the laundry and hang them up. I tried it, I really did, but my OCD manifests itself in ways other than my laundry and I just can never remember to do it.

So, I struggle to get into the once perfect jeans, that no matter what I try, enhance my muffin top.  A muffin top that I don’t have normally, like in my pajamas. So my thought of the day today, is where do I find some Levi’s, the ones that are just jeans…the ones that stay the way they are after you wash them once, where are all the Shrink to fits? Do they even make them anymore? I am going to find out, it is a new mission, and even though I never have New Years resolutions, I might just make one this year, to find the perfect jeans, that don’t make me feel like I am having a constant battle with my stupid muffin top if I gain a pound or three for some reason…

Because as girls, we have enough stuff to do, don’t we? We should all have that perfect pair of jeans that make you feel like the sexy hottie you know you are, just like we should all have a great bra and a hot pair of boots…

Speaking of boots….hmmm, maybe I need a shopping day….

I am thinking yes… yes I do…

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