Yoga, Sunshine and Firewood…

The day started out fairly unmotivated…

See morning blog ~ Where the hell did I put my motivation this time?

Wow, look at me be tricky with the link :)  After I finally made myself get off of the computer, it all went uphill!! I did my yoga, granted not for the usual hour I normally would have, but I at least put in a serious effort for about half an hour, and then I meditated for about 2o minutes…or I tried to.

It was sooo freaking sunny outside, I felt like I was just wasting time laying on the floor with an empty mind, hahahahha…now there’s a vision. So I got up, had a shower and promptly started searching for the dogs harness, I never did find it, luckily we had a spare one that I remembered we had, cause I was dying to get outside.

My main mission with the walk was to get a newspaper from the paper box down the road, our paper delivery is fairly unreliable living way out in the middle of nowhere, and I have no firewood.

My always available firewood guy Larry, which I have come to depend on, maybe a little too much, is back to work, and busy this weekend, so he said it wouldn’t be til at least next weekend until he would be able to get any wood to me. So he suggested I look in the paper and see if I could find somewhere else to get it. I happily agreed, there has to be other guys doing it.  I go online to the newspapers and look…hmmmm, not so much. I found one number, which I called, leaving a message. She got back to me this morning, they want $185 a cord, holy fuck…really? And it would be one probably two weeks til I can get anything.  Hence the walk in the sun, to get the paper.

Cause did I mention….I have no firewood.  The temperature is supposed to plummet to freezing again this week….


The walk was beautiful!! Odie the dog, behaved himself…it is so nice to walk a small dog that you can drag around, compared to a 75 pound Doberman that wants to eat everything that moves, and drag YOU down the road, but that too is another story…so we had a great though fairly muddy walk, it is really obvious it has been raining like a son of a bitch for the last two weeks when you walk past my neighbours, today I was a thankful girl, with the fact  that I was able to fix my perimeter drains this spring, and not flood again.  Apparently while I was away, there was a huge rainstorm and much of the town flooded, I was lucky, everything worked to keep me dry…thank the universe. AND….I didn’t know about it, so I avoided all of the stress there would have been wondering if everything would work properly, had I been home..

Anyhooo….we got home from our lovely walk, to my nice clean house, cause this morning at some point that I neglected to put into the above story, I vacuumed my house :) it was somewhere between the meditation and the shower I think, I got sidetracked when I was looking for the harness…

So I decided, that since I have had such a motivated afternoon I need to try and make my soap. I read up on what to do in my new Soap making for Dummies book, that my lovely boyfriend William gave me for Christmas, and then got all my stuff organized and ready. I made a facial soap with Tea tree oil, Lavender, Patchouli and Lemongrass, and I am making hot process, which I have never done before. I begin…it all seems to be going well, then I realize the book for dummies isn’t telling me whether I need to stir the whole time, or stop stirring or what…dammit!! Online I go, well now, mixed messages while in the middle of making soap is a dumb idea. One site says, cover it and walk away for 30 min.  so I do…and as I am trying to ignore the soap cooking away on my stove, I read another site that says stir, stir, stir…do NOT walk away…………REAALLLLYYYY?????????

What the hell?

And then the phone rings….

It is Larry the wood guy, he wonders if I have found any wood yet? I say no, not yet…he tells me he will have a truck load to my house tomorrow afternoon between one and two o’clock…I LOVE this guy!!!!

Anyone that believes thoughts do not turn into things…pfffffhhhhtttt…it is absolute truth, if you have faith it will happen…it always does!!

I am a happy girl…now back to my soap.

My instincts tell me, take the damn lid of and stir the hell out of the soap, cause after 20 minutes of being unattended, it didn’t look like it was doing what it should. Sure enough, 30 minutes of stirring constantly seems to be making it go to mash potato consistency, and it wasn’t doing that before…long story short, the soap is now in the mold. It takes a while to do it that way, but you can use the soap, like tomorrow!!

Well hopefully anyways..the jury is still out on this batch I think…

All in all, it was a fabulous day, my faith has been restored that you create your reality with your thoughts, it’s true, I believe…

I also know…working out is a must, it changes your perspective on everything nearly instantly…

I am a happy and lucky girl…this I know, this I make happen…and I am the only one that can :)



9 thoughts on “Yoga, Sunshine and Firewood…

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  2. Sounds like a very productive day! I find it’s always worth it to drag myself to a yoga class, even when I dread having to transport myself there. I’m always in much better spirits, physically and mentally, afterword.

    Soap making sounds interesting. One of the few crafts I haven’t tried.

  3. Hi

    Interesting to see someone else is into firewood to keep warm! :) Yesterday, the first day for a week, it was sunny and I was torn between finishing my blog post and sitting in the sunshine. I finished my post, got the cushions out, made a coffee, and then when I was finally comfortable the sun went in!!

    Just goes to show – live for the moment!

    Look forward to reading your blog as we fell in love with Vancouver, but now I am just a Virtual traveller”

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