Learning the Ropes…

My Brother's New Years Fire

I am not a new blogger, I have been doing it for about a year now. It is a good outlet for my pent up rage….hahahah, just kidding. Really, I love blogging because I have no fear of saying what I feel when I am writing. Since I was a child it has been an outlet for me, usually when I was sad as a teenager, I would lock myself in my room, with the music cranked and just write, god only knows where all that writing is right now, hopefully it got burned in a really big fire…

I wish real life was like blogging, because I don’t really have a filter a lot of times, and I could edit what comes out of my mouth first. But I guess that wouldn’t be any fun would it?

I have been on a mission to find the perfect blog spot. And I did. Then they shut down. Vox was a happy place for me, I could edit and change my blog to get it exactly the way I wanted it, I am a little OCD that way, and that is part of the fun for me, I want an original, beautiful and fun place to be, for you and for me.

And then one day, I get an email, they are closing the site, and we are being given a free site at Typepad. Well I appreciate the gesture, but what the hell? I just got Vox the way I wanted it, and I was happy there dammit.

I tried to get Typepad to work for me, it was cutesy I guess.  I found that it was limiting without upgrading, I couldn’t find other blogs to read easily either…what is the point in that, there has to be some kind of directory to find your way around, right?

I had signed up to WordPress quite a while ago, as I thought I could access it on my BlackBerry, well I can’t. I bought my BlackBerry on Ebay and there is some freaking lock on it, that would involve way too much of a chance of me losing everything off of it to enable…so no.  Plus, I was really trying to give Typepad a chance.

But now, I am moving on over, I love it here. I think I will make some friends here, there are so many great blogs to read, I am actually on here more than Facebook now…really :)

I love the readomattic feature, it is a GREAT way to find new and fun blogs to read, I will be up to 4000 subscriptions in no time!!

So thank you for having me, and I hope we can get together and chat soon!!

Happy Blogging everyone!!


One thought on “Learning the Ropes…

  1. I’ve also been blogging for a year. When I was researching platforms, I found WordPress and aside from the fact that their stats aren’t as good as other sites, I really like it. The drag-n-drop way of building the site is a pleasure to use, and they have some really nice themes to choose from.

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