Things I have learned today…

1. I apparently, have a shitty memory. But I knew this, I just forgot.

2. There are days when I have no fashion sense…today felt like one of those days.

3. The above usually happens on the same day as bad, do whatever it wants on its own, hair days…like today.

4. People generally have no idea how to drive and pay attention. This I also knew….but forgot, see number one.

5. My Real Estate agent is one cool chick.

6. I need to watch the Secret again…rented.

7. I need to not stress about the unchangeable.

8. My soap making addiction is manageable.

9. I make kick ass Tuna melts.

10. Not everyone is gonna like the same things as me, and that’s ok, I don’t need everyone to approve of what I do.

11. You really need to check over the buns you buy at Shopper’s Drug Mart when you forget them at the grocery store, cause they could be outdated and mouldy, and you won’t notice, but your 19 year old will, after you have already eaten one and a half of the buns: see number 9.


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