To quote Wynonna…

“I admire your courage, but you are making bad decisions. I will chew you up and spit you out.”

Wynonna was on Oprah just before Christmas, I KNOW….but I am off work, and somehow daytime tv just sneaks into my day. I have to honestly say I have NEVER watched Oprah in all the years she has been on, her yelling cause she is excited drives me to the edge of suicide, so I just don’t. But in the last little bit, she has had some good guests on, Keith Urban and his wife, what’s her name, were on just after Wynonna was…how could I NOT watch that? So back to the point…

The above quote from Wynonna is appropriate in more situations than you can actually imagine. Well I think it is anyways. When she used it, she was referring to a 26 year old that was interested in pursuing her. Hahahhaha…gotta love that, being in our 40’s. Sometimes boys just don’t think.  Ok…when they are 26 they obviously don’t think at all…just saying.

Cause the truth is … ya, dude, there is no way in hell you are gonna have what I need. I have teenagers, who needs one more freaking boy to teach things to….not me, you better already know what to do.

Anyways…that wasn’t my point at all, when I started blogging. My point was that I got to use the quote. Finally after weeks of waiting.

You see, William…the boy of my dreams  works with this young puppy named Eric, now Eric is pretty sure of himself apparently, but let me start at the beginning, he will text message Bill at 6 in the morning about the upcoming work day, really, I am not kidding.

William has to get up at 6 am to get his jobs for the day, this usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes, then he will come back to bed until just before 8. Now it’s bad enough that he has to get up at 6 as far as I am concerned, but throw in Eric. I seriously cannot count how many times the boys timing has been inappropriate. And this goes on all day I hear. Which is fine, I don’t care about it when he is gone, but dude, before work and after he is mine.

So I have named Eric… ‘Williams little bitch.’

The other morning the 6 am text caused comment even from Bill, so later on that NIGHT, yes after work when Eric texts for about the 50th time that day, Bill mentioned to him, that he may not want to text at 6 am the next day. Then it started.

Eric says to Bill, “Why not? Will Donna punish you?”

Obviously Eric doesn’t understand the game that well, I have no idea where he would get that Bill is gonna get punished for something his bitch did…so I say, it won’t be Bill that is getting punished.

Of course, by text message, Eric is not afraid and says bring it…

Well now…do you see it? It’s perfect, I couldn’t miss the opportunity if I tried, I tell Bill to text him back the quote.

Now this is where the truth about 29 year olds comes in, they have no clue.  He texts back and say Jess ( his girl) likes pre-chewed, firstly, I am pretty sure, she would not appreciate the condition he would be in when returned and secondly….

Hahahahahha…does he seriously think that there would be anything left of him when I was done? I think not, he has no clue, but Bill is done playing at this point and won’t text anymore, tooo funny. The difference 20 years makes!!!  Needless to say, there was no text the next morning at 6, I think he waited til about 7:30. I am not too worried about it going on for the next 20 years, he and Jess just found out they are having a baby, so the wake up will come for him soon enough, ha….he has no idea, in so many ways.

I kinda miss the joy of cluelessness you have when you are young, it is refreshing yet exhausting to me now to look back and see it in generation below us, who needs reality tv when we have them to watch blunder through life the same way we all did, thinking they know it all, when they actually know nothing.

46 is a good place to be, at least we know when we are making a bad decision, not that it stops us now either…


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