It’s been a lazy day…sort of thing…

I mean not really, this is my second blog of the day, I have had a total makeover at the Holland Spa…ya, that’s me, cause I don’t have a job and can’t really afford a spa, but it still counts.

I have a new hair color, my toenails and fingernails are beautiful and I have eaten only healthy food today. Look at me go!!

Now I never make New Years resolutions, because as I have said before, I suck at it, and I haven’t got enough bad habits to change any of them..totally my story, sticking to it, but I am feeling the need for a bit of a change, it is what I do when I have four weeks left before I go back to work.

Besides that, I was sure this morning that we were going to make it through the day without the predicted snowfall. I even bragged about the rain on Facebook and Twitter. Serves me right that it snowed like a bitch for most of the day.  Anyways, I haven’t left my not quite toasty house. I lit the fire hours ago, where is all the heat from that dammit? I have the mini heater and a blanket on to try and keep warm.

Now I have sort of forgotten where I was going with this whole speel…dammit. Oh ya…

I haven’t made any soap yet, since I have been home. A miracle for me at this point. I am dying to make more, but I really need the proper scale and am waiting for it to come in the ever reliable Canada Post.  Mind you, my mom is sending it, and her memory sometimes leaves her, for all I know it is still sitting on her counter and she thinks she sent it…hahahahah…that is only from experience that I know that can happen.  She loves selling stuff on Ebay ( hide your stuff if she is at your house and she sees anything she likes, and I am not kidding here…) Today she tried to get me albeit subtly to give up my old Canon to sell on Ebay…um, no…

…so anyways, she found me a really cool scale on Ebay and bought it for me, hence waiting for the mail.

Tomorrow I will leave my house, really I will, after I have my Real Estate agent meeting to get the shack back on the market…it lapsed…don’t ask…

Here is to Spa day…I think I will have a Ceaser made with my stolen, I mean the deserted Vodka found in my freezer after the 19 year old’s New Years party…mmm…free is the best kind. I will deny ever seeing it there. Besides he owes me…for something, I am sure. Oh ya, rent…hahahahah.

Happy Tuesday everyone…hopefully tomorrow is less snowy, we are one day closer to spring…believe it!!


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