Let 2011 begin…

Ahhhh….it's all over for another year. I always look forward to the holidays, but I also can't wait for them to end. I am glad all the commotion is over, and it is time to get back to life.  

I never make resolutions, mostly because I suck at making them work out…I would rather set a course for my life and try and make that work, makes more sense to me than to put the pressure on myself of making something huge change in a freaking week.  

And besides that…

I don't have any bad habits…lol, well not that I am gonna say out loud on a blog…and none that I feel the need to change.

My mission this year, is to get my ass moved down to the mainland and get off the rock. So basically sell my house. It will happen, I know it will. 

In the mean time, I will keep getting ready for it…I will make soap, I will go back to work at the garden centre, I will pack stuff :) I will keep on working towards my goal of making our lives better and moving forward. Isn't that what the New year is supposed to be about? Moving forward? Resolutions are so overrated and always make us all feel incompetent and useless…just my take on it.

I can't count how many years I vowed I would quit smoking on January first…truth is, I quit on a September 13, ten years ago…I just decided I was ready in August, and that was the day I picked…

That has really been the only bad habit I have felt the need to change…

I guess I could quit fucking swearing…but really? It sort of seems like a mute point at this stage of my life…besides that, I like swearing, obviously…

And I can filter if I have too…well, usually.

I was thinking yesterday, that maybe I will change my hair color this year, well for a few weeks anyways…darker maybe instead of blonde….sounds interesting to me. There may be protest from the other half, he doesn't know yet :) the joy of blogging, he will be like, what the hell?

Other than the above, I really have nothing in my life I want to change. My life is pretty amazing right now, I have a wonderful man, great friends, the greatest family ever, a warm place to live (actually two of them) and food to feed my family, I really am blessed.

So resolutions be damned, I am just going to have the best year I can have with all the people I love close around me :)

Happy New Years my friends….xoxox


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