What is it exactly??

About my children…that makes them seem to want to freeze to death?

Dylan’s story is typical, drunken teenage bender, wayyy to much Fireball, and a cold December night, in some dark trails.  Scared the living hell out of me…for sure.  He was near frostbite, by the time one of the girls finally called me and said “you better come and get Dylan, it’s bad”….

Ya think? Took us hours to get him warm, nevermind sober.

Silly thing was, the little bastard never even had a hangover the next day. I think he learned a lesson, and to this day cannot stand the smell of cinnamon.

So today, we leave the three boys unattended and go into town. We are in Whitehorse. It’s fucking cold here. Was  -30 with the windchill today. You don’t mess around with weather that cold…you will die.

Anyways, we get home, and there is a note, and by the way, it is 4:30 and nearly dark…note says, we are sledding, have dogs.

While we are unloading 16 bags of groceries, my youngest son staggers in the door, and literally just drops all his snow covered stuff right on top of the groceries.

I am like…”What the hell??? You can’t just leave that there Colton….”

Then I realize…he is being weird, he is messed up.

I am trying to talk to him, and figure out what is going on.  Did he hit his head? Is he hurt??? What???

He looks at me and then hugs me..now I am scared.  He is 15….

He is nearly frozen.

He has gone out with the older boys, he didn’t have nearly enough layering on…and tried to come back alone because he was freezing. Dylan and Zac just assumed he knew where to go.

Well I was out there today, and it is all deep snow, and I had no idea where I was.

I was not amused….

We send him to shower and he warms up, all is well….

The older boys get lecture….

Colton plays it all down…but I know he was scared. I was scared….it can all happen so fast.

Cause baby…it’s cold outside….

Merry Christmas…and be careful out there people!!

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