First night in the Great White North…

Well we made it…the flight was totally uneventful, thank the universe :) I might actually even say, I wasn't scared.

My family was of course NO help with that, between my father telling me they were welding a piece back on that had fallen off on the trip down..

My Mother's smirking….

and my children, just being themselves….well you know.

And holy crap, the sandwich was delicious, granted I was starving, and nervous, apparently I am a nervous eater…and I only drank coffee, mostly because drinks were SIX BUCKS each…and I think not…

and the book I was reading was scary and held my interest…so it was all good.

We landed and waited for a fair amount of time for the damn luggage…seriously dudes? There was like 100 people on the plane, NOT 600….speed it up already. We blamed Dylan, cause apparently his freaking 130 pound backpack has gotten stuck in the whirly gig before and held everyone up…so it was his fault….

So once we get the luggage we get escorted home, by the lovely Jen and my bro…nice pad, way outta town, but freaking beauty :) the house is amazing and I will take pics of the digs tomorrow…

We had a fabulous dinner of ham and potato salad…did you know…that having the weather at -23 is a bonus to cool shit off? My potato salad was chilled in no time :) Didn't help with the frozen ham…hahahaha…we threw it in the oven at 5:30 and hoped for the best…it  turned out pretty good :)

So after dinner…the Monopoly Game comes out.  Now I am not a huge board game player, but I will give it a shot. So Jen and I have no clue what we are doing, and the rest of the crew is Zac, Dylan and Colton, my boys….and my brother Jimmy…

Holy god, can you say competitive? Um … ya.

I lost interest about 20 minutes into it…I don't think Jen was horribly far behind me..

Mom went to bed at her usual 8 oclock…dad followed shortly…

so we suck it up til about 10:30.

Jen has to work in the morning, so she has a bad round and Dylan gallantly says he will play her remaining stuff for her…partners all the way…hahahahahah!!!

I lose it all, and willing give it up, to come up and snuggle in my bed, talk to my sweetie for a bit, and to type a few words.

It is so great to have family. I love the bickering, and the laughing and the fun we have.  I know I bitched about coming up here, but I  am glad I did. It is beautiful and snow covered, and still snowing as I type. I really do love the snow, especially when it is like this, cold and the snow is sparkling  and you know it is going to be beautiful in the morning and not all melted and nasty. I am a Christmas baby after all….

But next year….it's gonna be on a beach I think….just saying :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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