Are we there yet???

If you know me at all, you will know…

I hate flying…like really hate it.

If you didn't know, you do now.

And tomorrow I have to fly.  And I am flying to Whitehorse, ya, you heard me right, Whitehorse…

Whitehorse Weather

It is so cold there, it can't even snow…it is snowing GRAINS….What the hell?

Now I love my family more than anything…obviously, cause who the hell wants to fly into that  crap right now for no reason? I really tried to get the trip to go in the other direction, like southwards. Ya…not.

And it really makes me rethink all the years I longed for a white Christmas, and there were many of them…like probably nearly 45 of them.  Be careful what you wish for people :)

I am a little bit excited I suppose, it is a big adventure with my whole family, and my brother and his lovely girl Jen just bought and fixed up the new house, so it will be a cool thing to have everyone together. Unfortunately I have to leave Bill and the kids here…that totally sucks on our first Christmas together, but we are going to have another Christmas when I come home…so double the fun :)

I just wish I could be really drunk for the flight, like the time my mom and I went to Vegas…we were there in no time…me and Southern Comfort on the rocks…I have no idea how they didn't throw me OFF the plane that trip, cause I don't remember any of it…that was the first time I had ever flown, I have flown many times since then..can't say I have ever enjoyed it going anywhere, even to the warm places…all I can think about from the second I get on board, is when the hell can I get off…

I will try to be brave and not cry…cause my kids will just laugh their asses off at me. And all three boys are coming…or they better be, the oldest boy is pushing it with getting where he should be on time lately…or at all for that matter.  So hopefully he is there on time, the wrath of Poppa will be unbearable if he is not….

Anyone reading this…that knows Zac…pass it on please….it really will be in his best interest :)

So hopefully that all goes smoothly…and then on Thursday, it is girls day in town. Unfortunately I just found out Jen has to work, but we are going for manicures and hopefully we can squeeze in lunch or something alcoholic afterwards…though I am sure that is frowned on where she works, hehehehe….and my Mom doesn't drink much :) ok, so maybe just lunch dammit…

Oh and I have the nose ring thing to deal with…my Dad will surely have something else to say about it once he actually sees it for real….my Mom takes it all in stride…if she hates it I will hear, and that will be all she says…I think.

So I should go and get my day started here, get packed up and ready to load on the layers in the morning when my love takes me to the airport to send me on my way for five days…to the freezing frickken northern top of the world…

I complain now…but I know I am gonna have fun :) How can I not….birthday…Christmas, kids, parents, sibling and lovely gf…

and when I come home to the rest of my family, we are gonna do it all over again…

So Merry Christmas everyone….

I am on the way to the always wished for White Christmas!!



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