Where the hell did 45 years even GO???

I turn 46 in ten days….

I could just leave it at that, and alot of you would know exactly what I mean…but hey, it's me, and it's hard to shut me up, especially when it is 2 o'clock in the afternoon, my soap is on, and I can't watch it cause the Shaw guy is here doing work and has shit all ripped apart. Bring on a clearer picture buddy…

anyways…back to me.

I can't really be 46, I mean, come on….


I don't FEEL 46…well ok, maybe some days I do, but not as a general rule. I remember when I was young and my mom was like 30…and I thought, holy crap, I am never gonna be THAT old…

guess what bella….ya are….wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy older now.

I recently got my nose pierced :) and my Dad said to me, are you ever gonna get past 16? I asked him if I had to? He said he guessed not….thank god.

As much as my Pops and I can butt heads, and we do…I adore him to pieces….and if he says I can stay at 16, I am there baby….

And I think not feeling my age is keeping me younger, that and a ton of shea butter and really good genes, hehehehe….

I have had people say things to me like, "where are those tattoo's gonna be when you are 80?"

…who the fuck cares? I mean really…I love them now.

The one on my back MEANS something to me…so does the one on my arm, I will admit the one on my leg just got outta control, but it is beautiful and I absolutely love it.

I will never regret getting any of them, and I never even got them done until I was in my 40's.

I have never really cared what people think of me anyways…

wait…that isn't really true, I do.  I just don't care what the people that JUDGE me by my tattoo's or the nose piercing think…I am still me. The same girl I was when I was 16, maybe a little bit more wise and not quite as trusting, but I am still mostly all here. Loud, crazy and pretty much take me as I am.

Oh…and laughing :) doesn't that keep us young?? I think so…I love laughing….alot.  I have to admit, the menopause thing is creeping in on me, and for absolutely NO reason I will cry now. Happy or sad…




is that all about anyways?

I am sure William is going to say to himself…."what the hell have I got myself into with this chick…"

I have seriously never cried so much in my life, commercials can do me in for christ sake.  Some days, I worry….others, not so much…

I am a lucky girl, on all levels of my life.

I never really had a vision as a girl, as to what I wanted my life to be. I always wanted to be married and have the happy family like any little girl.  That didn't work out for me the way I thought it would.  You never factor in the life issues that come up when you are 10. You just have no idea..at least I didn't. I was lucky to be in a loving family, with a really normal childhood.

So the disappointments that I have had in my personal relationships have not only baffled me, but I think my family as well.  It's not that the guys I have loved have been bad or wrong for me, it is just that I have always outgrown them…and then it has turned bad or wrong for me…

and I move on.

I know that in the old fashioned world, the world that we no longer live in, you are supposed to have the career, and be married to the same guy for 60 years.

Bah….kill me now… :)

but then there was Bill…

I am thinking, I am gonna keep him forever, and I am 46 looking forward to the rest of my life with the same man…

and I am going to find work I love, it probably won't be the same thing next year that it is today…cause that is me, I change…all the time, I am a work in progress…

So even at 46, I am pretty sure I am not ever gonna grow up…no matter how old I get…

and I am soooo freaking good with that :)


10 thoughts on “Where the hell did 45 years even GO???

  1. A very nice posting but you know who cares about age, after all it
    is just a number is it not? gettting old is over rated, we just venture
    through life enjoying the wonder of the moments, delighting in the
    sweetness of great adventure, the mysteries, the journeying beyond
    the boundaries of our universe and… Hold on a minute before we
    step into the capsule of time how about taking a little time to create?
    Yes I can see that you have had some excellent times and of course
    at forty six you are just beginning your magical tour, believe me after
    flapping around since the year 1420 I have seen rather a lot and want
    to see a whole lot more before the earth stops revolving… Yes I do
    slip off into a tangent sometimes but perhaps this is because of an
    over active imagination, maybe even a glance into the unknown, or
    more than likely because I rather like having a little fun writing and
    so back to creativity… I like your Space here titled ‘The Redneck
    Princess’ it has much to offer in the sense of interesting reading, a
    kind of sanctuary for passersby to pull up a nice lid and sit a while,
    take in the depths of your musings and sip Red Wine from a Goblet
    for good measure before flapping away into the distance, and thinking
    what a wickedly fine visit that was, which indeed is a truism…

    Be very well now my friend and remember, age is just a number…



  2. “I am sure William is going to say to himself….”what the hell have I got myself into with this chick…”” not at all……..I am happy to go anywhere with you on this adventure
    as You have said it will never be boring : )


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