Obsession is a funny thing….

It really is, and I am so easily taken in.  I am obsessed fairly frequently…for years it was with my Mustang. I still have it and love it, but it doesn't obsess me like it did 10 years ago, there have even been moments in the last year, that I have considered selling her. Cost wise and with what needs work, it is sort of out of my league right now..but I am not going to rush into getting rid of her. I do love that car, and know I will regret selling it, like I did when I traded my white '04 in on my truck.

Then there was my BlackBerry…still a little obsessed, it is really bad for me when it is new though, I still play hangman before bed every night to try and beat my own ass, since Bill is too chicken to play against me in case I beat his ass, hehehehe…and it is like an appendage…I never go anywhere without it :)

Then there is blogging…I love, love, love writing…I don't even care if no one ever reads it, I just love doing it….I was having withdrawls from not writing since the other night when my son moved out, oh, and by the way, he moved back home :) short and sweet….nice!!

So now, the soap…I tried today to NOT make a batch of soap.


It is like crack.

I am now like the mad out of control scientist that has to keep making it better and softer and smellier….and make my own recipe with a special smell.

I did  that today, made up the ingredients, and mixed a crazy beautiful smell….

I hope it works, cause if it does…mmmmmm….

SEE, I am totally addicted, and my dining room is a soap factory.

My kid said to me tonight that it seems like a lot of work to make soap, but I love doing it so much, I have to MAKE myself stop, or I wouldn't eat or sleep, or talk to my boyfriend :)

So I better get over it, cause on Thursday I am outta here for Christmas, and won't be able to make any…I think I am shaking already…

tomorrow I will make one last batch before I go….or maybe two….


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