It’s all about the Olive Oil….

I get excited about the most bizarre things…

I have been making soap from scratch for a little over a month now.  Before that I made melt and pour soap for years, but was always too scared to make it from scratch…well now a monster has been unleashed, because I am a soap making animal…I freaking LOVE it!!!

So now that I am feeling comfortable using the lye and have the process mostly figured out, I am starting to experiment, and over time will come up with my favorite ways to do things…

Now we have the olive oil soap…I love the smell, the texture, the look and the size of the batch it made…I made it smell just faintly,  I am really not huge on the overwhelming scent thing.

Olive_Branch_Only.28144209 Subtle works better for me….and I can cut this in the best size, because the batch fit in a square tupperware container perfectly…and seriously…

It is four ingrediants…and not super messy ones either….I am in love….

and I think I know what I am going to call it, and what I am going to do to package it…but that is a big secret for now :) I will put pics up when I have a final product all wrapped up and ready to sell for you to try…well after I have of course :)

I really think I could rock at this…I feel a new career coming on, not sure in what context I can make it work…but trust me, the wheels are spinning :)


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