Because….it’s just not about you….

I helped my sweet girl make her mom some stuff for Christmas today….it's funny, I was talking to someone about it the other day, and she seemed amazed that I would do that for my boyfriends ex.

Really?? Because truthfully, to me, it's not about that at all. It's about how great two people are going to feel at Christmas, that really love each other. 

I still love to see the look in my Mom's eyes when I give her something that she know's I made especially for her. How do you beat that? You can't. That is what it is all about, the love …

And I love Hannah to pieces, and she loves her Mom…and I want her to have that pride, that she made something with her own hands that her Mom is going to love, because it was made especially for her by her little girl…

Everyone wins…I don't know her Mom…I imagine as time goes on we will get to know each other, and it will be whatever it is, the biggest thing being we are both going to be influences in her daughters life, and I prefer to be a good influence, not a bad one.

And it makes ME feel good, so maybe it is about me a little…but I want everyone to have an amazing Christmas, because that is what it is all about…feeling good, feeling loved, and being grateful for all the amazing things this universe gives to us on a pretty regular basis.

I am totally blessed to be lucky enough to be part of Hannah's life. I haven't got girls of my own, and of course always said it didn't matter…and it didn't really… I am blessed to have my great boys and would never have had it any other way, but now I have Hannah in my life, I have to admit, it is totally different in every way.

They giggle more, they talk more, they are way nuttier…it is really cool :)

So once again the blessings in my life, make me reflect and cry and be so thankful and grateful and amazed…

it really is a wonderful life…

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