Misadventures of being disorganized…

Getting this soap thing together has been a learning curve to say the least.  I mean, who knew you would have to be so organized?? I shouldn't actually even be blogging right now, I don't bloody have time.  But it is snowing out… like crazy, and that has set me back a bit in my plan, I still have six gift baskets to make, and no baskets yet and three or five more facecloths to make…soooo…

If I actually add up my time, which I will NOT do..I have probably gone in the hole :) So I need to be organized and stop changing my mind about stuff, like the labelling and the wrapping etc…keep it simple stupid…she says to self.  IMG00093

I have been writing all my recipes down, Helter Skelter in my journal from hell that is about nine years old and a big time disaster, but hey, everything is in there, and I am pretty sure I know where it all is…at least I am writing it down right?

I lost about three hours, probably more actually…. last night trying to help William get his fucking BlackBerry to work, between no texting and no BBM, I was close to a jammer…and DON'T try to help the love of your life make his phone work, when talking on the other phone, when he is a techie retard…and I mean that in the nicest way…just sayin'.

Both of us were pretty low on patience by the end of it…but holy damn, buy about 1:30 in the morning,  New stuffb we had that bitch running and texting underway…

So today…I was supposed to get up early, no puter, straight working…hahahah, who the hell am I trying to kid? I got the Shea butter done, well other than the greasy disaster that sits soaking in my sink…and it smells and looks scrumptious :) one dishcloth nearly done, I am pretty sure I can bang off at least three more by the end of the night!! And website updates are going to be a morning job right along with making up order forms with inventory on them to take to the stores, which definitely challenges my patience :)

Did I mention that my product as of Saturday…will be in two shops in Campbell River??? Yes they will…
Oasis Consignment on Shopper's Row… right beside Pier Street Computers, and Klassy Kats Consignment in Willow Point…beside Sundance Java bar :)

Life is good people….life is good!!

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