Somewhat Orgasmic

So I don't get excited about many things….

Hahahah, total lie. Anyone that knows me knows that is crap :)

But…..when I love something, I love it totally, fully and without question, my children, my man and my friends hopefully all feel that from me.

And now, soap making.

You see I am very scent and touch inspired. I want to smell good and feel good and I want the products I use on my body to be the same, I want to know when I have my shower, my soap smells good, and feels good, and makes a mundane thing like having a shower every day, something I look forward to.

I want to put on an amazing lotion after my shower that I am going to LOVE putting on, that is going to make me feel and smell warm and sexy.

As I said yesterday I am addicted to a brazilian nut body butter right now, but want to make my own.

So I have, and OH MY GOD….I am in love. And it cost me the same amount to make TWO containers as it does to buy one. This lotion is mostly Shea butter so you hardly need any, which also means it will last forever in comparison to store bought.

And it smells amazing. I couldn't find a nutty smell so I went Vanilla…yum…
It is a small thing, but ya know, being a redneck princess has to have its perks, and I am hoping that I will succeed in sharing the little things with other princess' out there….

We all deserve to smell good and be soft, don't we? :)

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