Blue Moon and Jet trails

I should be asleep, it is Sunday night and after one, so I said goodnight to my work and face book and noticed my friend Penny had mentioned a hot water bottle and extra blankies, damn fine plan, its chilly tonight even with the trusty fire burning full bore.

I grab my hot water bottle and go to the sink, reaching for the tap I realize it is like daytime outside, it is so bright, and the stars…..damn, sparkling like diamonds, I lean over to get a better look, and notice a jet trail, at night….have to say I have never in my life seen that before.

So I grab my camera and run downstairs, it's cold out there in my jammies and beat up slippers, and not a bloody chance in hell my camera is gonna take that picture…

So I take it in, remembering what it looked like, snapshot in my mind… the blue moon shining on that trail with the stars dancing in the background, life is pretty damn spectacular :)

Then I snap to it, and realize I am standing outside in minus 4, pretty much freezing. Time for bed with my hot water bottle and the bed hogging kitty….spectacular….yep it sure is :)


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