Time off…

As you may or may not know, I have a seasonal job where I work from February until October…so I am now off for the winter months. It is hard to keep busy when you have no extra money to spend, so my little brain spins…what can I do? I have decided to try and make soap from scratch,Sultry Moon 002  now I am not a patient woman, which is what has stopped me from trying it before. First off you need to use LYE, well apparently it is nasty.  Confirmed…but I did it with almost no drama.

I dropped the stick blender when I was mixing, wrecked my slipper, well marked it…but that was all. You just can't breath when you are mixing it…hahahah…and need saftey googles and gloves. Don't be a clutz for a minute or ten…no biggie. So I made Devil's chocolate :) ( I love naming things…) Seriously, it smells like Devils Food cake and looks like it too.

Now Colton is MORTIFIED that I would waste real chocolate in soap, and he can't understand how you get clean when you are rubbing chocolate on your body…well he is only 15 :)

So now I have to let the soap site for two or three days before I even take it out of the mold, this is where I have trouble, I wanna do it now, but I am waiting, and then once I take it out, I have to let it cure for three to four weeks, do you have any idea how long that will be for me to wait?

It is like piercing my nose…same thing, I have two more weeks in the 6 week healing period, before I can change the ring…and I wanted to do it two weeks ago, but I am waiting…

For some reason the universe is teaching me patience right now, come to think of it…it is what my whole life is about right now, selling the house….waiting…..to get on with my new life with Bill on the mainland, so I am thinking, with all this waiting there must be some big things to come for us…good things…things that will be worth all the waiting, and that makes it all worth it doesn't it? Yes, yes it does…..


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