Reeling in the dream…

Now I know that things don’t always go the way you hope or think they are going to go and sometimes think you just don’t see coming will change your life…take this lady for example…

She woke up one day, and her whole life had changed because of something she blogged. She has a great blog that I follow, and had the guts to deal with an issue that is a huge problem in our society. People judging other people for the choices they make. Read the story, it is amusing and well worth the read of the WHOLE story. And she has a damn good point, and good for her!! I have seen her on tv about 5 times since it happened…nice.

So I know you have to be careful what you wish for :) I do really….but I am wishing for a change. I have been specific that I want it to be a good one, a change that will give me a new career, a focus that I don’t have right now, and something that I love. Sultry Moon 022

So my bestest friend Nancy and I are walking around downtown Maple Ridge last week, and we come across a couple of really cool stores.  If you didn’t know, which many of you may not, I used to have my own store called Sultry Moon Gifts, it was a store that sold local art and crafts as well as new giftware. For some reason, I am thinking I want one again. I am not sure why, or if it is a good idea, but there it is, lodged in my little brain….spinning away.

So I am going to try it from a different angle, since I am living in both Maple Ridge and Campbell River simultaneously, it is not really an option yet, well that and I haven’t got the start up cash I would need….I am going to make some of the stuff I used to sell, and try and sell it to other stores, and maybe eventually online. Let’s try that first and see how it goes shall we? Here is a link to the Facebook page so you can see a bit of what I make and the prices…Sultry Moon gifts

Because even if it doesn’t work out, I don’t have anything to lose, and god knows I have the time it is going to take to make the stuff I will need :) So on the docket today is making some laundry soap, taking some pictures and later, trying to make soap from scratch…should be interesting…pictures will follow of the new kind of soap…have a dreamy day folks :)


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