Deaf in one ear and blind in the other…

I have a BlackBerry addiction, I admit it…

and I am a techno junkie, I text, I twitter, I blog, I Facebook and not only can I do all the above on my computer, I can do them on my BlackBerry…god, someone needs to stop me.

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I went ANYWHERE without my phone. It is like a limb…if I don't have it I feel totally lost. I would not feed my children for a week to pay my phone bill…you laugh, but it's true, they are old enough to get a job and buy their own food, dammit.

I try to tell my youngest kid to stay off his video game, but alas you teach by example, and they never listen to what you are saying when you talk anyways, so really… I am a horrible example, I always get my chores done, but never have Facebook off, it is always running in the background of my life, do I think the kid doesn't see that???

not only am I an addict…I am a fool…

The boy I love is the same, he always has his phone, and is always on Facebook with me :) and last night before bed, as always, we text goodnight, too much information, I know…but wait, I am going somewhere with this, really…

So at three in the morning, my cell rings, as usual it is right by head on the nightstand, I jump two feet in the air and grab the phone…all I can think of is OH MY GOD, someone is dead….bad I know, but it was what I thought, I look at display blurredly seeing it is William…what the hell is he calling me at three in the morning for?  I mean I love him to pieces, but shit, it's three in the morning….

I answer the phone, dead air…..hmmmm….

We have a funny occurance between us, his phone calls me randomly, it really does. We call it pocket phoning :) His phone has a mind and apparently a life of it's own.  Now I am pretty sure at three in the morning there are no pockets involved, so what the hell? His phone is out partying without him and wants me to come along…

So I try to wake him up, cause I am pretty sure he has probably fallen asleep mid text with the phone in his hand, he does that, he can be asleep in 4 seconds, it's the craziest thing ever…anyways, I yell HELLO????? Knowing deep down, he will never hear me, he is deaf in one ear, and if he is sleeping, there isn't a chance in hell he is gonna hear me yelling at him through that useless little speaker…so I hang up, I assume his phone will hang up when I disconnect, either that or we won't be texting in the morning cause his battery is gonna be way dead…

and then I lay there….and lay there….and lay there, I cannot for the life of me go back to sleep. I am thinking, hmmm….by now it was 4 oclock, maybe I should just get up, make coffee and check out Facebook.  Even as I am thinking it, I realize I need help….an intervention, something….

But I stay in bed, used my meditation skills and finally I fall back to sleep…

Crisis averted, maybe I really don't have as bad as an addiction as I think I do…and really, admitting that you have a problem is half of the battle….right?


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