The story I forgot to tell…

Last weekend my delightful friend Diann and I took a day trip to Hornby Island.

My oldest son Dylan has been working at a kids camp down there for the last 6 months or so, and had accumulated a whole bunch of stuff that he needed me to go pick up for him…so day trip it was!! 

The camp was very cool, all kids should go there, here is a link so you can send your kid asap ….. Climbing wall

So we get going fairly late in the day, because it was a random trip, I wasn't supposed to go until the next day, and I couldn't get a hold of Dylan, finally we decide on the 2:00 ferry, and we are off!!

The drive down was uneventful, which is always good, god forbid there be two deer casualties in one year, but that is another story I have yet to tell…

So we get in the ferry line up…people watching when you are going to any of the small islands is always fun, the most amusing characters live on them :) and as always we have interesting conversation and laughs in the short wait…ferry comes…and we get on it for the big 10 minute jaunt!!

Now Diann has been to Denman and Hornby before…I never have, and she tells me she would love to live there, would in a heartbeat…meanwhile I am thinking…just kill me now…isn't it funny how we are arrive at different places at different times in our lives, I have always thought of Di as the city girl, who fits right in there…mind you, she pretty much fits in anywhere she goes, she is so easy going and happy, and apparently far more adaptable than I have ever given her credit for.

Off the ferry we drive…having no clue (well I don't anyways) where we are going, there is only one main, hard to go wrong…

We make it to the Hornby Island ferry, and it is fairly windy now….hmmm…ride over might be a bit rough, but we are good with that, takes a little more than a 30 km wind to throw us off…and it is only a 10 minute ride…no problem.

We get onto Hornby and start the drive to find Dylan, he has sort of given me directions…but ya know, I don't really listen sometimes…

As we are driving we both realize we are starving, so we will go get Dylan's stuff and then maybe kidnap him and find a pub somewhere to grab a bite and a Ceaser…sounds good in theory doesn't it?

First off, I turn right instead of left….so we drive down a most beautiful road, that turns into what we can only classify as a path :) to the end of the road, decidedly not the right place.

I finally CALL Dylan, to tell him we are lost, heheehhe, he is not sure how that happens, well never mind…we will be there in 10.  Little brat….

Ok then, off to the pub we go, it is back by the ferry terminal, no biggy, the island is small, but ya know Piggies , we left hungry, which in hindsight was maybe not the smartest move ever….and by this time Di and I are ready to eat the pigs we just passed on the side of the highway….seriously, they looked ready to eat, and I am sure we could have come up with something…


And of course, on the way we find a really cool graveyard we MUST stop at so I can take some crazy pictures….and pictures we got!!

     Bike               Blogstone                  Stones

So we get to the "PUB" and guess what? It is closed, really…it is Saturday afternoon…and they are only open on Thursdays and Fridays??? WTF???

We then see a sign that says there are Fish and Chips back at the end of the road where we got lost the first time…back we go, I slow down as we pass the pigs…cause I am thinking that might be easier….

We get to the end of the road….and guess what??????????? NOTHING…there is a grocery store, actually no, a corner store, that had fish and chips in the freezer, fuck…really not gonna cope soon, I am an evil bitch if I am not fed.  So we buy a bag of chips each and a vitamin water, cause we are NOT gonna get anything else to eat here obviously.

Back we go to Dylan's camp, it is pouring rain by this time too, but we agree to help him load up his stuff and take a quick tour around the camp, it is a very cool place, and I know he will be sad to leave there at the end of the week when his tour is up :(

All packed up, we head out, determined we will find somewhere to eat on Denman on the way home, the thing with me, is I WANT the quaint little restaurant with the good food and the happy people dammit….

As we head towards the ferry, we pass a sign on the side of the road that says Salad…well you can imagine that was a huge joke for the rest of the day, we were gonna go in and say, can we please have some salad…we are not gonna make it otherwise. How does that work anyways? Do you go in with a plate and a fork??? Do you have to bring your own dressing??? Things to think about for sure….


Over we go, on the still rough ocean and tiny ferry…knowing that sooon, our bellies would be full, or would they?

Well no, they wouldn't, the one place Dylan told us to check out was closed, everyone must go to Mexico the first of October or something, we never did get an explanation.

We passed a small little cafe that looked open as it blurred by us, as we finally decided we were gonna give up, there was a Subway at the gas station on the mainland…we were going there baby…it was just not worth the hunt.

Anyways….just before the ferry, we found this great wall of graffiti that Dylan had told us about, and we had enough time that I could stop and snap a few shots…too funny and very cool.


So we get to the other side, our mini adventure over….it was fun with many laughs, but I am telling you, Subway has never tasted that good before and probably never will again!!

So if you are looking for a business opportunity, I suggest a pub with really good food on Hornby, or even on Denman Island for that matter, and oh ya…make sure you are open on a Saturday…



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