Fall procrastination…


It’s an amazing day outside today, and I know I should be out there taking some amazing pictures, it is sunny and foggy and colorful, but my ass just doesn’t want too..even though there has been massive coffee consumption, I am more thinking  about some yoga and meditation, maybe some picture taking this afternoon after a few boxes have been packed and the house has had a baby cleaning, after all, there is a open house this weekend, and I am SURE there will be a showing this week… positive energy and moving on thoughts…I envision the sold sign on the for sale sign EVERY single time I look at it…it is gonna happen and soon,  I am sure of it :)

Also, I seem to have refound my Young and Restless addiction, I mean, nothing every changes, except who is sleeping with who this week, which I must admit intrigues me in a messed up way.  I have watched the show probably my whole bloody life, my granny used to love it, I can hear her singing the music as I type and yes…I said singing the music, cause she really did :) she used to do that all the time, we would all roll our eyes at each other and giggle. She would do it really loud because she knew what us kids were doing in the next room and she was funny like that, she loved to make people laugh, certainly do miss her, pretty much everyday.

Ok, The View is on…these women drive me fucking crazy and I have no idea why I can’t change the channel, so I am going to go do my yoga and have some quiet time before 11 am.  Maybe I will motivate enough to get outside while I still can, take some pics and actually get a life!! Well after the Young and Restless of course :)

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