Holy god…

Where the hell did the three months since I last wrote anything go?? I suppose I have been fairly busy come to think of it :) I have moved on from the unhealthy, I am now making plans I wouldn't have even imagined in May. I have an amazing boyfriend, who I have been dating since the beginning of July :) My house in CR is for sale and I am planning on moving back to the Wack…Bill lives in Mapleridge, so we will be far closer, and yayyyyy no more freaking ferries….that is the one downfall with living in BC, the bastards nail you to get anywhere, and living here ANYWHERE I go is expensive, hence me moving back to the mainland.  I have loved my time here, but you know, there just comes a time when it is time to move on, to better your life and be closer to everyone that you love. Don't get me wrong, I have some amazing friends here, but my heart just isn't here anymore. My parents don't come up like they used to, and I miss them…I miss my bestest friend Nancy too…so much. And it is time to get Colton off the couch, involved more with dad and Zac..and his dad….even though he hates my guts for making him move, I pray that he will forgive me and eventually know I was right…Dylan is planning on moving down to Van in November, so we will all be there :) Financially it is a good move for us…I need a new job, and have a line or two on a couple that I am interested in on the mainland..there is not much choice for me here…so, again another chapter will begin in this crazy life I have created for us, I know it is all right and will progress as it should, healthy, happy, loved and loving…all things I have been working towards and know will find me …the time is now, happy life everyone :) cheers for now…

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