Holy hell…

Ok…I am the first to admit that my life with boys for the past 4 years has probably been way less than healthy emotionally, but you know, I should at least get credit for never giving up on love, I have dated some really great guys that remain my friends today, and obviously some that have no clue about various things…but through it all I have never lost hope that he would find me eventually…

and ya know what…I think maybe he has….

I am scared at this point, we have both fallen hard and fast. He is everything I have asked the Universe for…so far :) And he adores me, already, just like I am…

the only problem we have is distance, he lives on the lower mainland, I live in this hole :) but we can work it out if it is meant to be, distance is nothing and I have handled it before, and it may be a good thing to slow us down and take our time, so we build a strong friendship and relationship before we get headlong into it…

life is good and it has been a longgggg time since anyone has made me feel this way, we have sort of known each other our whole lives, his sister and I were in kindergarten together, but Bill and I never really knew each other as friends. Crazily enough, we met on facebook and sort of hit it off :) life is funny that way isn’t it, cause really I had pretty much given up on it for now.

I went to Chilliwack a little over a week ago on Canada day, and we decided we should get together for coffee and meet in real life…again. I had no expectations, other than meeting a good friend, but when he drove into the parking lot at the restaurant, I thought…oh oh…I might be in trouble here…sure enough, I am going down, fast….happily, whole heartedly and smiling :) life is good….

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