Just another one of those days…


It started out questionable, the alarm went off, through the roof I went, totally unprepared in anyway drag my still tired ass out of bed…but I did, because my youngest spawn had an appointment to get his wisdom teeth and two baby teeth out today, I have to admit it is fairly humbling when your child is braver about his upcoming pain than you are, I will admit I am a totally wimp when it comes to the pain and suffering of my children…I hate not having control of them not hurting… So off we went, with barely enough time to get to Comox, and of course my oldest son, as we are on the way out the door, tries to convince me that I need to wait and give him a ride to buttfuck nowhere on my way…not happening…all goes fairly well, until my turn off, oh and the freaking idiot old men that pull out in front of you and go 20 under the limit of course…I get halfway down the road and the fucking road is CLOSED…WHAT??? Are you kidding me???  I turn around while calling the dentist, because I am now sure I am going to be late…there were NO signs or anything on the Island highway, warning of the impending turning around, bastards… (and I checked on the way home so I am sure it wasn't me)  I now have no idea how to get to the dentist from the way I am going. I have only been to Comox a handful of times, and it is way further out everytime than I think it is….sooooooooooo, I got a baby bit lost, nothing to panic about, I knew if I kept going east I would eventually find it, and I was right :)  We get to the office, about 10 minutes late, no worries, they weren't really ready for us anyways so it was all good…

As we are sitting waiting, and joking with the totally hilarious secretary, this nasty cow, that has obviously eaten shat in cornflakes for breakfast, walks in and starts to ream my now good friend Judy the receptionist…because she has apparently called three times, and no one has answered or has got the machine, and her kid is getting her teeth ripped out as we speak and she had fucking questions dammit….HOLY GOD WOMAN…try dialing the number properly…we figured out after, there was no way the woman had the right number, and apparently she continued to ream Judy after I left…holy….

So while the teeth ripping was going on, I got lost at the mall in Comox….hehehehe, I didn't know you could actually go IN the mall, where the drugstore was hiding, and I went and had breaky by myself at Smittys, it was delicious, a really good eggs benny will fix nearly everything…

When my hour and a half was up, I went back to the office, reassuring Judy and her boss, that the earlier nasty cow, was in no way Judy's fault and that she handled it like a champ with class and calmness that I wouldn't have had… therefore making big points with Judy, minutes before she happily took my $2100.00…

Then into the office I went for a consult with the doc…this is the part I suck at, he told me he thought maybe Colton was anemic and had I ever had him checked??? no…..I start to feel a little faint, thinking that maybe something is not as it should be, and sitting down is a good idea….he asks if I am ok, I say yes….lol…Colton wasn't clotting as quickly as he should is all, and stayed resting a little longer, nothing to worry about, but again, I realize I suck at this, this is the time when I really miss being a couple, having that strong shoulder standing there to hold me up, I am tired of being the glue all the time, and just want someone to hold me up once and a while….

But alas…not yet apparently, thank god for great freinds to text, who tell you that it is good and you are doing great and are NOT alone, even if you think you are, thanks for that Rick…xxx

So tonite we are home, my son is a tough little bugger and hasn't had one moment of complaint or whining, I am keeping him Percaceted up of course :) but he is doing great, the first thing he said when he was comfy on the couch was… hungry :)

Milkshakes, jello, juice and love, that is all I can do to make him better, and ya know what, THAT is what I am good at :) 


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