You always get what you need…

So in the last week, I have been practicing manifesting…they say you should start small and work your way up…well of course I have put in the man request…bald, beautiful, smart, sexy, caring, fun, working, helpful, adoring, funny, kinky, non smoker, available, my age, tall, buff, confident, a good cook, working, self sufficient…you know all the necessary stuff…he is on his way, I just know it in my soul…so that is all  good…I truly know this…

And sometimes the little stuff is what makes me know that the big stuff is really going to happen….

Bizarre though it will sound…the boy I am keeping company with right now, is my ex from when I was 17…for 25 years I have wondered if I blew it…was he really the one??? Well in hindsight, I love him to death…but I know he isn't the one…but nonetheless…right now, we are together…I really never said it was gonna be normal now did I?

Anyways…back to the getting what you need….I am making him a crochet blanket for xmas…as he is totally impossible to buy for, and is really really blanket challenged, so I thought … hmmmm, I will make him one :) so away I go…but unbeknownst to me…the store doesn't have enough of the lovely blue cotton wool that I need…so halfway through the blanket, I need more wool…I  go to Zeller's, which is the ONLY store in this town that carries that wool…and they are out, I look again, and stand there for 20 minutes pondering….but nothing…..I go to every other store in town with wool…nothing….so for some reason, I go back to Zellers, cause now, I have to come up with an alternative plan for the damn blanket…I move some stuff around and am really trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do…and way in behind some other  random color wool…there is ONE ball that is the right color…holy crap….I am seriously not believing my luck…what are the chances that 2 hours before when I was there…it wasn't….and now….it was…

So i take it and run….

and then…yesterday…I run out of that ball…..

I am seriously only a little more than halfway done….

I am not holding out much hope that they have gotten any more wool in since last week…

but I am thinking…if I just had ONE more ball, that will probably be enough to get the damn blanket finished….I go to Zellers, hopeful, but not too sure I am going to get what I need, I get to the wool and they have indeed cleaned up the section…but there is no blue ……but wait…down in the corner behind the ugly salmon colored wool..


are you kidding me???? REALLY???? What the hell are the chances????

Proof as far as I am concerned that the Universe gives you EXACTLY what you ask it for….so hopefully, that ball will do me…if not, I will be putting out there that I need one more ;)

and really…. be specific, and just ask…you always get what you want…and need….



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