When you are 18….

…life can be such a raging bitch…I remember it well, and I thank the universe everyday that I am 45 and not back in that confusing time of my life.  You are so ready to get on with it, yet at the same time you soooo don't wanna leave the safety of childhood. 

My oldest son is having girl problems right now, she is adorable and so is he, and I really think they adore each other, but it isn't working out…so they decided to separate for a while…he is crushed, which makes my heart break…we have talked and had hugs and tears….but how do you tell them that you totally understand what they are feeling…you can't. He just has to go through that heartbreak and growing himself, and come out stronger and a better man because of it…

I am amazed everyday that he is my son…he is so strong and smart and worldly…sometimes way more so than I am…if I am losing it, he grounds me…maybe because he knows me so well, and I hope that I do the same for him…he is so much like me, that sometimes I am terrified…lol…and other times so much like his dad…that I am terrified :) but all in all he has a good head on his shoulders, and is a great kid…

how we all make it through that age as kids and as parents, I willl never know…but thankfully for all, we do…and I really wanna say thanks….to my mom….for loving ME no matter what I did or said when I was that age, cause I know that I was no where near as grounded as my son is, and I musta been a nightmare more than alot of the time….

and to my son….I love you, and you will get past the awkwardness and craziness of getting on with it…eventually…

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